Happy Belated 2016 New Year!

January 8, 2016


Dear Friends and Fans!

Happy belated 2016 New Year and an even later Merry Merry Christmassssszzzzzz!!! I had such a hectic holiday season even though I didn’t go anywhere.. just stayed in Hong Kong! I only took my photos TODAY because it was the only day I got dressed up! So hope you like my new photos with our very special Christmas tree! Read More…

Dear all Friends!!!

November 25, 2015

​About 15 or so days before I came across the below. I was contemplating about my Father’s passing which was impossible for me to do since he left​, just only because I truly miss him so much and cannot bear thinking of him without falling to pieces​. He left many many things in his​ private​ room which I will need to help him to organise​ now that he is gone​. What makes it hard, is that I am ​still ​unable to organise it​,​ and have procrastinated th​is​ action for almost 2 years now. He passed away on Jan 4th, 2014 at 9.45PM or so. Not one single item in his room is of any monetary value, nor of any use to anyone else, ​and it is still ​very hard for me to even “let go” of 1 single​​ item, because each ​item, has ​meant something to him.. and when I walk into his room, I can smell his presence, I can feel his character, ​I can feel how much he loved being in this crowded room, and ​I can sense he is still there. I really don’t want to move anything in his room.. as I can just go there ​and sit in his favourite chair, pour over every little trinket of his hearts desire,​ and feel him there with me again​​. It has made me think of my own mortality, and how much ​each one person can accumulate in ​their lifetime.. so many material things we think we need to make us happy, but in the end, are just “things​”​, that we ​cannot take with us ​when it is time for us to go. My Father adoringly only asked me to remember to put his glasses in his pocket ​with him in his final resting bed, ​​to take with him, so he would not be blind and could ​help him find his way. I gave him 1 pair of glasses. I should have given him all his glasses.. which could be easily 20 to 30 pairs.. to make sure he would see whatever h​​e​ thought he might see. This made me realise that we cannot take a SINGLE THING with us when we pass on. Not even our ​own ​bodies! ​I have been pondering over this for days on end recently.. and then..​suddenly….​ I came across Steve Jobs last words on some FB page I was surfing​ for no reason​,​​​ and just today, I discovered that these last words are possibly fake, and not spoken or written by Steve Jobs at all. There is no evidence whether it is “authentic”, but no one could only remember Steve Jobs wealth but forget his priceless contribution to all of mankind. The message is still real and true for me, and now​,​ ​its comforting to know I’m not so crazy to have​ these thoughts! ​ Of course I am NO STEVE JOBS.. hahaha.. ​FARRRR from it..​or whoever wrote this excerpt,​ but what ​does ​makes us all similar.. small or large, whatever skin color, however wealthy, ​​however fortunate or unfortunate, we all have ​1​,​ or maybe 2 sure​ common denominators connecting every single being in this vast Universe TOGETHER. That we ​ALL came into this life​​, and we will also all leave this life, leaving nothing behind except our memories and spirit​, achievement, and failures, our good and our bad​. ​All our “things”, material possessions, could possibly be a burden to our loved ones.. and also weigh down this entire earth​, because,​ maybe one of these days….. as I now wonder… what happens to all the “STUFF” that all ​human beings​ leave behind? Because, when we are gone,​ all the STUFF​,​​ that once meant much to someone, and nothing to others, ​can last for millenniums to come? Read More…

Happy Great 8 Bday!!

October 12, 2015 – Intercon Yan Toh Heen

Dearest All!

Wanted to share Lam’s Happy 8 and 40th anniversary Career & Birthday with you all.. Thank you to all who have supported, dedicated and appreciated his music all these years and DECADES.. He has come a long way.. is very happy and hope to see everyone at his Concert on Jan 28th to 30th at Hong Kong Coliseum! Don’t miss it!

想和大家分享Lam的 Happy 8 生日和入行40週年紀念慶祝.. 感謝所有那麼多年來, 甚至幾十年來, 一直衷心支持和欣賞他音樂的人… 他已經走過了很長的路… 很開心, 也希望在他1月28日-30日紅館演唱會上見到你們每個人! 千萬不要錯過!

Love to all! Sally!

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Dearest All WeChat Fans….

June 26, 2015

Long time no see everyone! The other day.. Lao Yu Yeew Yueh (魯豫有約) did an interview on me.. and started a WeChat group for this interview which I found out about later.. The fans on there were very sweet and eager.. and somehow the program promised that the fans would be able to speak with me while I was doing the interview….but because of the time constraints.. I wasn’t able to chat that much with the fans.. so I didn’t spend as much time with them.. Altho I appreciated their patience and understanding very much! I wrote a letter to everyone to thank everyone for their time.. I decided to post this letter everywhere so everyone can share and I hope to thank you all very much as well.. all the fans on Weibo, Facebook and anywhere else.. and please do know that I do care about your support and love very much.. it’s just that I had some busy years which I will also explain in the program and in the letter I write.. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Love you all!!

最親愛的朋友們,大家好久不見!之前,”魯豫有約”訪問了我,我之後也得知他們為這個訪問建立了微信群。群裡的歌迷非常可愛熱情。節目組有和他們講在訪問當天他們將可以和我聊天,但是因為時間有限,我沒有能夠和歌迷聊太久,但是我非常感激他們的耐心和理解!我給微信群裡的每個人寫了信感謝他們的時間… 現在我決定也將這封信在其他地方發出來,這樣每個人都可以分享,因為我同時也非常感謝你們所有人 – 所有在微博,Facebook,和其他地方的歌迷。請一定要知道我真的非常在意你們的支持和厚愛… 只是之前我有忙碌的幾年,關於此在節目中和下面的信中我都有解釋… 再次謝謝你們的耐心和理解! 愛你們所有人!!!


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November 20, 2013


SELF PORTRAIT!!. haha.. with my Precious hairdresser Heibi in Foshan Tien Di! Wanted to let you all know this photo is PHOTOSHOP.. Instagram, 360 degree, TOUCH FREE!! I purposely left all my gravel marks!! We gotta embrace our graceful aging guys and gals! We need to learn to love the REAL US.. not someone we think society would accept… and girls got to stop worrying about how they look!! Well.. care about how you look but must care from the inside out!! I’m just hearing a 32 year olds getting plastic surgery, all sorts of injections into the body and face and I’m totally SHOCKED!! I know a lot of young people do things these days.. but I never really met one I knew so close to home!! SO YOUNG!! We must take good care of ourselves and take the lines that will inevitably gradually show up as part of the signs of the life we have lived and enjoy each wrinkle as our journey into maturity and the way of life that was destined for us!! Read More…

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