Dinner with group of Fan Club Committee members from 1991!!

Wednesday, Oct 23rd, 2019

Imagine my surprise when I received a letter from a past Fan Club Committee member named Agatha, out of the blue at my FB Messenger on a beautiful fine day on August 07, 2019! I was both shocked and surprised! I had remembered Agatha’s name but could not see a vision of her face right away! That’s how LONG it’s been and how much my memory has taken a good beating! She politely told me that she was wondering how I was and that she wanted to ask if it were possible to have a reunion meeting and with the rest of our committee for my coming Bday in Sept! Because I had so many pre dates for Bday dinners, a few work events, and other things.. we finally set a date on Oct 23rd.. which is my Uncle’s Bday!! I had also just arranged to have a Bday dinner with my present, younger fans on Oct 21st, whom are some as young as 19 years old! Like my GRANDCHILDREN! I hope I can be a positive influence on them as well! That will be my FOO CHEE!

They managed to arrange 11 out of 14 of my past committee members and it was really a walk BACK IN TIME when I saw them all.. how very very lovely.. Lam happen to ask me what I was doing for dinner that night and I was surprised he was willing to come! He usually would be afraid of being near so much noise but he was interested to meet all my past fan committee, so I think everyone was happier to see Lam then to see me! Hahaha..

It was a really a great reminiscing of our light hearted days, complimentary of the Committee members!! THANK YOU… THANK YOU ALL!! We had Indonesian food.. very yummy. I am so happy to see that everyone in this group had grown up so well, looking so very healthy and HAPPY, had wonderful jobs, SOME were married.. not many.. hahaha.. and they told me I was a curse that so many of my fans are not married! Aiyoooo.. Everyone’s heart and frame of mind seemed to be in a wonderful place! Some had been through difficult times, but made it through the rain, and came out healthy, wiser and GREAT!!! It is inspiring and uplifting to see everyone with harmonious MIND, BODY and SPIRIT!

It deeply occurs to me, that I am so very grateful to have had their wonderful presence in my life so many years ago, and now back together even if for this one night it would be a night to CHERISH forever. I’m sure we have all learned from each other. In life we meet and experience people and events that are going to shape and dictate how our lives will be in the future. It is so important to make the right decisions to achieve the right results. We are all faced with challenges and difficulties that we must get through in the best and most righteous way possible! We are all gifted and important influencers!

I guess I must repay them for their kind gesture after all these years to remember little ole me! I guess this is what it must really FEEL like for a big family when ALL your CHILDREN come home for a GREAT REUNION! It must be a Mother’s PRIDE AND JOY when the children grow up to be SO hard working, kind, giving, and remembering people from their past!! It’s amazing that after 28 years, the intimacy and warmness was as if we just saw each other last week!

I never had any Children of my own, but from my big and wonderful life, I have been BLESSED with SO MANY CHILDREN of different ages, male & female, and it feels like just ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! It doesn’t matter if they are your flesh and blood.. anybody can be generous, kind and compassionate with all their hearts and be close to us! If only we allow it and if only we let the LOVE FLOW easily! If only the entire world were like this.. we could all live in great peace and harmony!

It’s really wonderful to be able to CONNECT to each other and TIME has NO LIMITATIONS!!! I hope we can always get together, with my new, some very young, and present fans, and with my now returned friends from my past.. FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! LOVE, COMMUNICATION, & UNDERSTANDING… IS THE MAGIC KEY!!


Enjoy the photos we post.. and from my past Fan Club.. hahaha.. it’s pretty funny and exhilarating to see!!! Thx U guys.. Hey.. Don’t we all STILL LOOK GREAT???!!!



Committee 歌迷會委員會 – 1991 – 1992?

Committee 委員會 – Wed, Oct 23, 2019 ( LAM! 2019 Added Bonus! 🙂 )

1st Fans Club Event Invitation Letter 歌迷會第一次活動邀請函

Fan Club X’mas Newsletter!! 歌迷會聖誕節簡報!!

Looks like Anniversary Party! 看上去像週年派對!

Already trying to show my 瀟灑 moves, Hahaa 已經在試圖展示我瀟灑的動作了, 哈哈

Hot BBQ outside! Looks like fun! Should have another! 室外BBQ! 看上去很好玩! 應該再來一次!


Can see my forehead wrinkles even in 1990’s!! AIYOOO!! 90年代已經能看到額前的皺紋了!! AIYOOO!!!

Look HUNGRY! 看上去很餓!

I WISH SO BIG!! MY CROWN JEWELS! 我也想那麼大!! 我的皇冠珠寶!

想像一下當我在2019年8月7日美麗的一天突然在FB Messenger收到歌迷會委員會成員Agatha的來信時會有多驚訝!我既震驚又驚訝!我記得 Agatha 的名字,但當時並不能立刻想起她的樣子!這其中已經飄過了多麼漫長的時光,我的記憶被擊敗了!她禮貌地告訴我,她想知道我過得怎麼樣,想問一問是否有可能舉行聚會,並與我們委員會的其他成員一起在9月為我舉辦生日聚會!但因為我當時已經提前安排了其他的生日聚會,也有一些工作及其他活動,我們最終把聚會安排在了10月23日。這天也剛好是我舅舅的生日!之前我也剛剛安排了在10月21日與我現在的年輕粉絲一起吃生日晚餐,他們有的年齡只有19歲!像我的GRANDCHILDREN!我希望也能給他們帶來積極的影響!那將是我的福氣!

過去的14位歌迷會委員會成員中有11位出席了聚會,當我看到他們的時候,那真是完美演繹了何所謂時光倒流… 非常非常可愛… Lam碰巧問我那天晚上晚餐有什麼安排,我感到驚訝的是他也願意來!他通常會怕附近有那麼多喧鬧聲,但他有興趣與我過去的歌迷會委員會成員見面,所以我認為每個人比見到我更開心的是見到了Lam!哈哈哈
這一切令我們想起了過去那些輕鬆愉快的日子,多謝委員會成員所有的努力!!謝謝……謝謝大家!!我們吃了印尼菜.. 非常美味。我很高興看到這個小組中的所有人都成長得很好,每個人看起來都非常健康和快樂,有出色的工作,有些人結婚了.. 不是很多… 哈哈哈… 而且他們告訴我,好像我施了什麼魔咒,我的許多粉絲都還沒有結婚! Aiyoooo … 每個人都處在身心健康蓬勃的狀態!有些人走過了艱難的時期,但也因為經歷了風雨而變得更健康智慧強大!看到每個人的頭腦,身體和精神都和諧統一而卓越令人感覺倍受鼓舞!

我從未有過自己的孩子,但是在美好而豐盈的生活中,我有幸有了不同年紀性別的很多孩子,這感覺就像一個非常幸福的大家庭!即使並沒有血緣關係,任何人都可以慷慨,友善,富有同理心,並與我們親近——只要我們允許它發生,並讓愛輕鬆自如地流動!如果整個世界都是這樣… 我們都將生活在和平與和諧之中!

能夠彼此連結,並不受時間限制,這真是太美好了!!!希望我們能夠永遠與我的新粉絲們,一些非常年輕的,現在的粉絲們,以及那些從過去歸來的朋友們聚在一起。愛,溝通和理解… 是神奇的鑰匙!


請看我們發布的照片… 以及我以前歌迷會的照片.. 哈哈哈.. 它們有趣又令人興奮!!!謝謝你們.. Hey.. 我們所有人看起來仍然很棒是不是??? !!!




September 30, 2019

Dear ALL my Fans and Friends!!

How long have the years been that I don’t feel the time and the space because it’s just been so fast and furious but most of all EXHILARATING!!! At this age of 58! Such a milestone I feel.. I took a challenge to myself yesterday and decided to follow my younger friends to their mountain climbing! I told myself if I could not make it.. I will turn back the way I came, find a TAXI and go home! It was a HOT SUMMERS DAY, and I ended up climbing and walking 12 Kilometers!!! I made it HAPPILY AND ON TIME with my energetic friends who passed on their young energy to me!! I realize TIME has no meaning.. but the QUALITY of the time means absolutely EVERYTHING! I actually hope I can gather all my Fans & Friends one day and let’s do the climb and walk together!! Let’s make a plan!!!

I realize there is an ART TO LIFE.. The ART OF LIFE is in the process of making your life the way you want it to be. I woke up in the morning without enough sleep and quite tired.. but was DETERMINED to make the climb and that’s what it’s all about! Being focused, determined and HAPPY in making it all the way to the top! For my Birthday.. I really wish all of you the BEST LIFE YOU CAN OFFER TO YOURSELF! To LOVE YOURSELF enough to give yourself the BEST THAT ALL YOU DESERVE! I am so lucky, fortunate, HAPPY, with gratitude that I have my life, my family and ALL OF YOU.. YOU ALL ARE A GIFT TO ME.. on my Birthday and EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY BLESSED LIFE! I will always make the best of whatever LIFE OFFERS ME.. even if it sometimes might not be ideal.. I will MAKE IT IDEAL and enjoy what I make of it! Thank you for your existence in my life, Thank you for all your smiles, your love, your kindness and your SUPPORT.. I thank you for all those that made all those videos, that came to see my shows, that wait for me outside my Hotel rooms for every day I am working in any City at any age of my life! I have a great life because of all of you too! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT IS FROM ALL OF YOU!!




那麼多年來我其實並沒有感覺到時間和空間的流動,因為雖然它們如此如梭般飛過,卻始終令人振奮雀躍!!!  在58歲的當下! 我感到這是又一個里程碑。昨天,我決定挑戰自己,跟隨年輕的朋友們去登山! 我告訴自己,如果做不到,就原路返回,找輛計程車回家! 這是一個炎熱的夏日,我最終行山了12公里!  我和充滿活力的年輕朋友們一起開心地準時到達終點 —— 他們將年輕的能量傳遞給了我!!  我意識到時間本身沒有任何意義,但是,賦予流過的時間怎樣的質量卻意味着一切! 我實際上希望有一天能聚集所有的粉絲和朋友,一起去登山步行!!  讓我們制定一個計劃吧!!!

我發覺生活即藝術。生活的藝術正是把人生創造成剛好是自己想要的樣子這個過程本身。我早上醒來時感覺並沒有睡夠,仍有些疲憊,但還是下定決心去登山,而這就是最重要的吧 —— 一心一意,堅定不移,在登頂的過程中享受快樂!  為了我的生日,我真心希望大家能過上最美好的生活!  好好愛自己而願意儘己所能,給自己最好的,最值得的一切!  我非常幸運和幸福 —— 有自己的生活,有家人和你們所有人 —— 對這一切我深懷感激。在我生日這天,以及在這被祝福的人生中的每一天,你們都是我的禮物!  無論生活賜予我什麼,我對自己的要求都是盡我所能,即使有的時候並非如理想所願,我也會把它創造成理想中的樣子,並享受那個成果!  感謝你們存在於我的生命中;感謝你們所有人的微笑,你們的愛,你們的善良,你們的支持。謝謝那些為我做各種各樣視頻的你們,謝謝那些來我演唱會和活動的你們,謝謝那些在酒店門外等我的你們 —— 即使到了現在這個年紀,無論我在哪個城市工作,仍然都在的你們!  我能有如此美好的人生,也是因為你們!  謝謝你們所付出給我的一切!!

祝你們生日快樂!! 來自我!!!  愛你們所有人>> 永遠永遠! 在大家登頂的途中,祝福大家!!!


Lamusical | May 3 – 7, 2019

Hi Everyone, Friends and Fans!

Just want to Thank everyone for your support for Lam’s show! It’s been a whirlwind of time to prepare for this show and there is so much more to do! We have a great and wonderful TEAM of enormous talent and dedication working to put this show together!

Everyone is working so hard and Lam is preparing himself fiercely! I hope you will all join us at the Coliseum to have a great time and to listen to great songs with meaning and connection to join all our hearts together! We’ll have just a BLAST TOGETHER! Can’t wait to see you all there! Counting down to May 3rd now!

Love you ALL! Thank you Alice so much for the great photos!

感謝大家對Lam演唱會的支持!現在全體工作人員如旋風般把所有時間都專注於準備這場演唱會,還有很多事要做! 我們有一個傑出的團隊,每個人都天賦秉異並極具奉獻精神,協力希望演唱會最終以最好的方式呈現給大家。

每個人都在努力工作,Lam也在做着最卓越的準備! 我希望你們都能來到紅館,享受美好時光,聆聽有意義和令彼此相聯的歌曲,讓心意抱擁在一起! 我們將一起引爆全場! 迫不及待地想見到你們! 現在開始倒數到5月3日!

愛你們! 非常感謝Alice拍的精彩照片!

With Love and Joy!!!!!!!



My Dearest Fans and Friends from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

WELCOME EVERYONE to our ThinkACTPOSTVE FB SITE! We have set up this site for the SOLE PURPOSE of “wishing” to encourage everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, as many as we can stretch ourselves, to ThinkACTPOSITVE! TAP TAP TAP ALL THE WAY! Mr. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has said that he wants to lovingly connect people all over the World with his BABY, FB.. I have been skeptical of this due to so many mishaps in his company in the past year.. but I realized some of my synchronicity to Mr. Z! First of all.. I was walking on the FB campus for years while I was helping out at GGBC right behind the FB campus, as I moved 5 minutes away from FB in 2006, before Mr. Z even bought the property. Now when I fly to my home, I am shocked how incredibly HUGE this campus really is an all the traffic it’s caused hahah! They have taken up 5 streets on the Bayfront Express block! But most important, even though I never really used social media before, I realized that all my Elementary, Junior and Senior School friends have all managed to find me through FB, and we are all in loving correspondence now, as well as being able to connect to so many Fans of mine. Also.. FB is quite easy to navigate as my GPS for anything is quite POOR.. so based on these 3 excellent reasons that I am able to find all these great people from my life, I am so happy to EMBRACE FB & some Social Media now! I do hope to have further interaction on this platform to meet more fans and to promote TAP so we can all connect in a LOVING WAY and be of a slow and steady INFLUENCE to everyone around us. I am not an ambitious gal but I do have the HOPE and FAITH that we can REACH a large stream of people to DO GOOD, and find Positive anecdotes to share with everyone!! We don’t want you to be positive just on the OUTSIDE.. It is SO IMPORTANT to be Positive on the INSIDE TOO.. WE must SPEAK OUR TRUTH and DARE to be ourselves! Then we can create the best influence.. There are various ways to LOVE.. but we must START with 愛的可能, THE POSSIBILITIES OF LOVE… which is ENDLESS RIGHT? INFINITY.. so many choices of LOVE we have.. why would we need to choose HATE or negativity?

When I was just under 10 years old, I was already living in Canada for 5 years… my Mother brought me there when I was a 4 1/2 to give her small family an independent, hard working life and wanted me to learn a different culture. How forward thinking she was. She already decided she wanted me to learn the ways of the World and have a vast experience in life which I am so grateful to my Parents forever for this decision! I was the only Asian person in my classes! I learned to see myself as DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE, NOT an ALIEN, and YELLOW SKIN. Everyone had white porcelain skin, big round eyes, and beautiful colors of hair. Mine was small eyes, flat nose, yellow skin, and just black hair. People made fun of me all the time, but I didn’t mind. I just always thought POSITIVE! Mumsie started to bring me to Taiwan around 8 years old and around 10 or so, I remember watching Taiwan TV and there was a commercial there which I never knew what the commercial was selling or was about, but for some reason.. the ONLY few words that stuck out in my memory even until NOW…was it’s SLOGAN, and that was when I didn’t even know how to speak Chinese anymore because I went to Canada too early and learned English right away and forgot my limited Chinese right away too.. but still this slogan rings very loud in my mind & heart since I heard it 48 odd years ago, and I know it is a very important statement if used in the correct way. I am going to share this with all of you now, TA DAAAAA >>>>> 團結就是力量!!!! Don’t you just love the RING of it even? I LOVE THESE 6 words!.. when I was 10 years old.. and still today at 57 years! I believe in the POWER of WORKING TOGETHER towards a COMMON GOAL.. but a GOOD ONE. I still don’t know what this advertisement was selling but they SURE SOLD ME at 10 even.. and I hope I put it to good use now working with all of you.. So HOPE we can all come together, and work as a SOLID ROCK GROUP of individuals who want to SPREAD LOVE AND KINDNESS ALL OVER the BEAUTIFUL PLANET.. Starting from LOVING OURSELVES and being GOOD to OURSELVES! LET’S START BOYS and GIRLS!!! LET’S ALL TRY TO “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”!!!!



歡迎大家來到我們的ThinkACTPOSTVE FB網頁!我們建立了這個網頁的唯一目的是 “期望” 鼓勵每個人,我是說每個人,盡可能多的人一起 ThinkACTPOSITVE! 一直 TAP TAP TAP下去! Facebook先生,馬克扎克伯格曾表示,他希望用他的BABY,Facebook 愛意滿滿地將世界各地的人們聯繫起來。由於過去一年他的公司面對很多困難和挑戰,我一直對此持懷疑態度。但我想到了一些與Z先生相關的同時性事件!首先…… 當還在GGBC 幫忙的時候,我在FB園區裡走了很多年,那時候GGBC 就在現在 FB 所在地的後面。在2006我搬到了距離現在FB園區只有5分鐘的地方,那時候Z先生還沒有買下這個地方。現在,當我飛回家時,感到非常震驚,這個FB園區真是令人難以置信,它也給周邊帶來超多人氣,哈哈! 他們佔據了Bayfront Express街區的5條街道! 但最重要的是,儘管之前從未真正使用過社交媒體,但我所有的小學,初中和高中朋友都設法通過FB找到了我,我們現在得以很好的保持親密聯繫,並且在這裡我也能夠和很多粉絲聯絡。另外.. FB很容易使用,因為我對任何東西的方向感都不怎麼好.. 所以基於這三個很棒的原因,我在這裡遇到生活中很棒的這些人,這也令我很高興接受FB和其他一些社交媒體! 我希望在這個平台上與更多的粉絲有進一步的互動並推廣TAP,這樣我們就可以以一種有愛的方式連結,並給我們周圍的每個人帶來細水長流般穩定的影響。雖然從不是一個野心勃勃的人,但我確實有希望和信仰,期望可以同大家一起,吸引盡可能多的人加入我們,共同做善事,並和彼此分享生活中那些積極正面的故事和時刻!! 我們不希望你僅僅是在表面上變得正面積極… 在內心保持正面積極也非常重要.. 我們必須說出自己內心真正所想,勇敢的做自己! 這樣我們就能創造最好的影響力。愛的方式多種多樣,但我們必須開始於愛的可能… 而愛的可能是沒有盡頭的,對不對?是無限的… 我們可以做很多基於愛的選擇,為什麼需要選擇恨和負面呢?

當我不到10歲的時候,那是已經在加拿大生活了5年…… 4歲半時,母親帶我到那裡,以給她的小家庭一個獨立的,勤奮工作的生活方式,並希望我學習不同的文化。她如此有前瞻性,在那時已經決定要我學習有關這個世界的一切,並擁有豐富的人生經歷,我非常感謝父母的這個決定! 我是班上唯一的亞洲人! 我學會了把自己視為不同的,獨一無二,但不是給自己貼 “外星人” 和 “黃皮膚的” 這樣的標籤。其他人都有雪白如陶瓷般的皮膚,大而圓的眼睛和顏色漂亮的頭髮。我是小眼睛,扁鼻子,黃色皮膚,只是黑頭髮。人們總是取笑我,但我不介意。我的想法始終都是正面的! 媽媽大約在8歲左右開始帶我回台灣;大約10歲左右,我記得看台灣電視,那裡有一個廣告,我從來不知道那個廣告是賣什麼東西的,但出於某種原因……那個廣告裡的幾個字我到今天都記憶猶新……是一句口號,那時我甚至不知道怎麼說中文,因為我太早去加拿大,馬上學了英文,同時也很快忘了有限的中文,但這個口號在48年後仍然在我的頭腦中和心中迴響,我明白如果知道如何以正確的方式使用它,這個口號所傳達的非常重要。我現在要和大家分享這個,TA DAAAAA >>>>> 團結就是力量!!!! 是不是僅僅是它的發音和感覺就很讓人喜歡?我愛這6個字! 當我10歲的時候就愛……今天57歲了仍然愛! 我相信大家為一個好的目標共同努力的無盡力量。我仍然不知道那個廣告賣的是什麼,但它在當時確實打動了即使只有10歲的我… 我想現在和大家一起好好把這個口號利用起來.. 所以希望我們都能走到一起,成為堅定得如石頭一般的團體,為這個美麗的星球傳遞愛心和善良! 當然這一切都要開始於愛自己。讓我們開始吧 BOYS and GIRLS !!! 讓我們一起嘗試 “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”!!!!


December 1, 2018


Dear Fans and Friends!

It was so great to see you all at the Malaysian Astro Singing Competition which I got an eye-opening blast at how professional the Astro Production team was.. I was so overwhelmed by their acute organization, so well prepared, providing me all details in a perfect way. I also enjoyed the other judges and thought they were great to work with, so friendly, smart, and very tough too! I loved all the Contestants and thought they all worked so HARD, sang so WELL, and were really professionals as well as being so very nice! In a grand nutshell, I had a GREAT TIME and EXPERIENCE! I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to meet so many Professional Artists and Administration, on both sides of the spectrum, from backstage admin to dancers etc.. It was all profoundly wonderful and invigorating!

It was also so heartwarming to see my long time devoted Fans up front & personal with an in depth intimate chat + Q & A. I think it’s important to answer what’s in your minds and hearts.. so I really wish I would have thought of this years and years ago.. but I guess I also need the experience in life to be able to give you this kind of connection as well.. we all have to have a time and place! But I will surely work closely with all of you from now on and hope we can do something great and learn together.

I will continue to work on ThinkACTPOSITVE and hope we can all be of strong INFLUENCE in our daily THINKING, ACTIONS and MOTIVATIONS to be KIND, LOVING and COMPASSIONATE to ourselves and other people.. even if they might not seem that way to us.. the POWER OF INFLUENCE is very important, therefore, we must COLLECTIVELY BE POSITIVE in order to achieve such an endeavor!

I am now going to work on Facebook and hope to have an occasional LIVE CHAT with everyone. We are thinking for a date in mid December and hope anyone who would have a question for me.. or would like to have a chat, would, and can join us. I would like to have a chance to share what I hope ThinkACTPOSITVE, our TAP can achieve! I am not going to force anyone against their Will.. so I will let you all decide and think how we can collectively do some good in a not quite perfect World right now. Our Earth and World is not in the best of health right now. It is important that we all collectively try to nurse it back to GOOD MENTAL HEALTH, but in order to affect anyone else.. we first have to ensure our OWN mental health is in the BEST CONDITION POSSIBLE, so let’s work on ourselves first!!! Creating SELF AWARENESS is KEY to a great HEALTHY Mind and Body for our AWAKENING!!

OK.. that’s about it for now.. Hope you can enjoy our photos.. I had a great time and Miss U all.. STAY HAPPY and LOVING! TAP TAP TAP yourself every day to remind yourselves to ThinkACTPOSITVE!

PS.. Our WEBSITE for TAP ThinkACTPOSITVE will be conducting the FB LIVE CHAT event on that Site..( I will do my hair and make up for this chat!! ) so please wait for my great team to set that up and I will write an introductory WELCOME for everyone to join us on that site and please ask your friends and family to join also because U don’t have to be a FAN of MINE to join.. hahaa.. HAPPINESS and LOVING IS FOR EVERYONE from ALL WALKS OF LIFE.. ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME from ANY COUNTRY ANY RELIGION or ANY COLOUR. There is only ONE CONDITION! That you must be LOVING, KIND and COMPASSIONATE… even if you are not happy it is OK.. you are welcome to join so we can make our best effort to give all our love and support to help you make yourself HAPPY.. but we hope you would love all of us as we would love you too!! Take care! See Ya ALL SOON!!!





我也很感動見到長期支持我的粉絲,並有機會同大家進行面對面的親密聊天 + 回答問題。我認為和你們進行心與心的對話很重要,很多年以前我就應該已經想到這樣做了… 但我想我也需要時間經歷人生積累經驗,才能達成和你們以這樣的方式溝通連結… 所以一切都有自己的時間表!但從現在開始,我一定會和大家密切合作,希望我們可以一起做一些有益的事情,並在這個過程中共同學習。
我將繼續致力於 ThinkACTPOSITVE的相關工作,並希望在日常的思維、行動和動機上,我們能一直保持對自己和他人抱持善意,愛心和同理心,並通過如此令自己為身邊的人帶來正面影響,即使在他們還不能完全如此這般對待我們的時候,我們也要這樣做,因為彼此影響的力量非常重要。所以,我們一定要共同努力,保持正面積極,才能最終達成目標!

我現在會在Facebook上開設 TAP 網頁,並希望可以在那上面偶爾和大家實時聊天。現在我們計劃的時間是在12月中旬,如果任何人有問題想問我,或者僅僅是想聊天,都可以加入我們。我希望有機會和大家分享我對 ThinkACTPOSITVE,我們的 TAP 最終可達成目標的願景!當然我不會強迫任何人做自己不想做的事情,所以會請你們自己做決定,思考我們如何可以在現在這個不那麼完美的世界一起做一些有益的事情。我們的地球和世界現在並不是在最健康的狀態。如果我們所有人能共同努力將其護理回良好的心理和心靈狀態,那將是再好不過的事,但若想要影響他人,我們必須先保證自己的心靈是在最好的狀態,所以先讓我們做好自己!!清醒的自我覺知是實現健康身心及心靈覺醒的關鍵!!

好了,先寫到這裡… 希望你們喜歡我們分享的照片.. 這次旅程非常開心,想念你們所有人… 保持快樂和愛心! TAP TAP!! 每天都要提醒自己ThinkACTPOSITVE!

PS ..我們將在正在創建中,之後會開設的 TAP ThinkACTPOSITVE Facebook Page 上面進行實時聊天活動..(為了這個聊天我會去做頭髮及化妝!)所以請等待我的優秀團隊開設好網頁後,我會再寫信介紹那個網頁給大家並且邀請大家加入,也請你們邀請自己的家人朋友加入,因為不需要是我的粉絲都可以加入… 哈哈… 幸福和愛心是生活中所有人都需要的… 任何國家,宗教,膚色和種族的人都歡迎!唯一的條件是 —— 你必須要有愛,善良,有同理心。即使你現在不開心,也沒關係,你可以加入我們,而我們會儘自己最大的努力,付出愛和支持,幫你令自己開心起來… 但我希望你會愛我們,就像我們會愛你們所有人一樣!! 保重! 很快就會見到大家了!!!




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