My Dearest Angelic Fans and Friends!

January 15, 2021

SUPER HAPPY for our ZOOM Chat with everyone on Mon, Jan 11 of 2021!! I received so many PM messages! Hahaha.. everyone is very lovely.. thank you!

There was a question from Yi Pei from Singapore regarding what my dreams were and I said I didn’t have dreams that I always wish to be HAPPY, go with the flow of the Universe and have accepted graciously & with great appreciation of whatever came to me.. either in great adventures, supreme Blessings which I am so grateful for, adversity, or challenges to help me grow. I know it is all a part of our life path, and that is all very true. But after I woke up the next morning, I realized I DO have some dreams! They are very simple dreams, so I do want to share them with you!

My first Dream of being an entertainer, singer, Actor, and giving happiness to pple since I was 10 years old has come true already. I am still living that Dream and ever so grateful for all the blessings I’ve received, to meet and be a part of all your lives! Now, my 2nd Dream is to be of service to the Universe! To awaken to the magic and wonder of the Universes wishes for us to all live in Harmony and realize we are ALL CONNECTED as one WHOLE Human species, with incredible synergy with Mother Nature, and all other creatures big and small equally occupying the Planet as much as human beings! We can live with love and light for one another and be good to each other COLLECTIVELY so that we can CREATE the BEST ENERGY to propel this Planet to its best place possible! No matter what color, race, status we are, we must help each other realize our best possibilities! We can create the GREATER GOOD together and wishing the best for each other with our best behaviors and attitudes to a better life, and a better Earth! The Universe LOVES US ALL EQUALLY, and even though some of us seem to have a better life, and some don’t.. we need to see much deeper and beyond what is on the surface.

What I really loved about the Zoom chat is that our talk was not just about ME talking! It was also an opportunity to let many of us from all walks of life, like Alex, from Israel, Amazing! Like Michelle, who was an emergency ICU nurse in Portland, Oregon and brought us with Zoom to her work place at like 5AM b4 she goes into seeing what must be a very difficult job for her, like John & Kitson in London, whom had a 3 week covid episode and came out great, and in lockdown for quite a long time, & like our young girls from China, still in school! Like being able to share Nicole’s Bday night, and that Alice so sweetly informed us it was her Bday. Like Michael in HKG whom I was so delighted now has a family of healthy, happy people! I’m so delighted that some pple have been with me for so long and have developed wonderful lives for themselves, and we are all friends and I’m so happy for everyone! It was so miraculous to hear YOUR STORIES TOO.. and to have you share your happiness or your heartache with everyone and we can all SHARE in your HAPPYNESS, or give you solace and support!! I just love that so much and want to DO IT AGAIN! But of course.. I was passing out late Monday night so I hope we can find a great day to start in the early afternoon till maybe dinner time.. hahaa.. we can have different sessions so everyone will get a chance to tell their story and of course I will be HAPPY to answer any questions that you have on those issues or just tell ur story! Of course to give everyone a chance, U will have to PREPARE ur stories well so we can go thru several each time! Many of the fans who PM me later, told me they were too shy to tell their story or ask their question, but that’s really what we are doing it for! So let’s TRY AGAIN!

I would like to ask Fans to write in a story they would like to tell.. U don’t have to tell it now but at least express U want to tell a story or an issue U would like to discuss and see how it can be helped.. of course it is a bit tricky to let everyone talk at once because there is a time constraint..and I would like to answer any Q’s, but I think it will be great… and U can let me know what you guys all think too or how you feel we can have a more organized and well managed format! We will welcome ur suggestions and know that I want to morally support U guys as much as U have all supported me thru these years and really hope we can develop a scheduled, consistent rapport thru Zoom! I LOVE ZOOM! What a great invention for all of us and especially at this time! I would also like to THANK Vicky Yao in Taiwan, and Kuan, in BJ for arranging so much time and effort to make this possible for ALL of us & vital contributors to helping me REACH OUT to all of you!! Let’s have another session before or after Chinese New Year if possible! Let me know what you all THINK!!!


PS! One more request to bypass U… Our Admin Gals Vicky & Kuan have edited about 1.5 hours of chat to place online for other fans to see & hear.. if there is anyone who would not like to be posted.. pls do let us know so we can edit you out.. we are not publishing all as it is so long so if you give us your name we will ensure to respect your privacy, so please do let us know!



2021年1月11日星期一,我們與所有人進行的ZOOM聊天超級開心!我收到了很多留言!哈哈哈..每個人都很可愛.. 謝謝!
來自新加坡的Yi Pei 問了一個關於我的夢想是什麼的問題,當時我說我沒有夢想,一直以來我的夢想就是開心,順應宇宙的流動,熱情地接受生活所賦予的一切,對所有心懷感激 —— 無論是偉大的冒險,至高無上的幸福,或是幫助我成長的逆境與挑戰。我知道這些是每個人必經的生活之路。但是第二天早上醒來之後,我意識到我其實確實有一些夢想!它們是很簡單的夢想,所以我想和你們分享!

從我10歲那年開始,我的第一個夢想就是成為一名演藝人員 —— 成為歌手,演員,並為人們帶去快樂。現在,這個夢想已成真,我仍然真實地生活在這個夢想中,並對這份上天帶來的祝福 —— 對能成為你們生活中的一部分 —— 而深懷感激!現在,我的第二個夢想就是做出自己的貢獻!去覺醒於宇宙的魔力和奇蹟中,意識到上天所希望的是我們所有人及所有生靈都和諧共處,因為我們大家緊密相連息息相關,與整個自然界有著不可思議的協同作用,並和所有其他大小生物同等共存於這個地球上!我們可以彼此相愛,友愛相處,從而共同協力創造出最佳能量,將這個星球推向最高的層面!無論我們是什麼膚色,種族,身份,我們都必須互相幫助,實現我們的最佳可能性!我們可以以各自最好的心態和真實的行動成為彼此的福氣,並共同創造出更大的夢想,令所有人受益。宇宙平等地愛我們所有人,儘管我們當中有些人的生活似乎更好,而有些人卻沒有。我們需要意識到這個表面下更深層的真相。

我真正喜歡Zoom聊天的地方是,我們的聊天不只是我在講話!這也是一個機會,使我們大家無論來自哪裡,在做什麼,都能夠相聚在一起。例如來自以色列的Alex,不可思議!例如俄勒岡州波特蘭市急診重症監護室護士Michelle,她通過Zoom帶我們到她工作的地方,在凌晨5點,在她開始一天非常艱鉅的工作之前。例如倫敦的John和Kitson。 Kitson 剛剛經歷了三週和COVID作戰,最終戰勝了病毒,現在看上去很好,雖然也已經被隔離很久了。例如很多來自中國的女孩子們,她們都很年輕,還在上學!例如我們還分享了Nicole的生日之夜,而Alice如此甜蜜地告訴我們那天是Nicole的生日。例如我很高興看到香港的Michael現在有一個健康快樂的家庭!我很高興能有一些同伴已經陪伴我這麼久,並為自己創造了美好的生活。我們都是朋友,我為每個人感到高興!聽到大家的故事非常不可思議—— 所有人和所有人分享各自的幸福或心痛,這一切真是太神奇了!我們可以分享你的幸福,或給予你安慰和支持!我非常喜歡這一切,並且想再做一次!但是當然.. 我那天晚上快昏倒了,所以我希望我們能找到一個美好的一天從下午開始,直到晚餐時間.. 哈哈.. 我們可以舉行不同的聊天會,以便每個人都能有機會講述自己的故事。當然,我也很樂意回答你們可能有的任何問題,或者如果你只是想告訴我們你的故事也很好!為了在有限的時間裡令大家都有機會,請大家先準備好你想分享的,以便我們每次都能聽幾個不同的人的故事!後來許多粉絲發來留言告訴我,他們很害羞,不敢講述自己的故事或提出問題,但這正是我們視頻聊天要做的啊!因此,讓我們再試一次!

我想請粉絲們留言告訴我們你想講的故事,當然現在不必講細節,但至少表達你有事情想分享,或者有問題想問,或者想討論一些事情而得到幫助.. 當然,讓每個人都有機會講話有點棘手,因為時間有限,而我也希望能夠盡可能回答你們的問題,所以我們要提前計劃,分配好時間,但我相信這會很棒… 你們也可以讓我知道你們大家的想法,或者你覺得我們怎樣可以擁有一個更有條理的模式!我們歡迎大家的建議,請知道我希望可以給大家心靈支持,就像這些年來你們所有人一直在支持我一樣,並真的希望我們可以通過Zoom進行定期的,持續的聯繫!我喜歡ZOOM!對我們所有人來說,尤其是在這個時候,這是一項偉大的發明!我還要感謝台灣的Vicky Yao和BJ的Kuan,感謝她們花了許多時間和精力,使我們的Zoom 會議成為可能;她們也是幫助我與大家取得聯繫的背後功臣!如果可以的話,讓我們在農曆年之前或之後再舉行一次會議!讓我知道大家的想法!!!


PS! 還有一個事情想同大家講一下。我們的管理員Vicky&Kuan編輯了大約1.5個小時的聊天視頻,以便上傳到線上給其他粉絲看.. 如果有人不想自己的部分被上傳,請告訴我們,我們可以將您的部分刪除。由於當天聊天時間太長,我們不會發布全部內容的視頻,因此,如果您留言告知我們您的名字,我們將確保尊重您的隱私,所以請告訴我們!