My Dearest supporting Fans and Friends!

I have seen SO MANY of your heartfelt Birthday greetings everywhere and still reading! Thank you all so much!! It’s overwhelmingly touching that you all still keep me deep in your hearts, so I want to “make a BIRTHDAY WISH” hoping I will be able to share something very HAPPY with you this year and beyond!!

In my awakened and maturing years experiencing all that I have in my life, I have come to the conclusion of cherishing some very simple, basic facts about life. I know many of you have walked this long journey with me, side by side, and many of you have only just joined our small intimate family, but I hope you would be able to gain a new perspective from here on.

I have been through many ups and downs these last few years and I realize there are so many facets of life, JOY, ANGER, SORROW, & HAPPYNESS! () but at the end of the day, the most important is that you are surrounded & embraced by those you love and those who truly love you! Nothing else is more important than this! I have also been engaging in much Spiritual self education, and how to realize more meaning to our lives. I happened to read an article lately that gave me the accumulated SIMPLE WISDOM of all which I have read and experienced, which I’m excited to share with you! I borrow from a very smart Lady who taught her Children well. I don’t know her personally, but I believe her 3 life goals sum up what I dearly believe to be the simple purpose and meaning of life. Of course you are all welcome to elaborate on these 3 and share your own incredible wisdom & experiences to how you see life as well. I would be most interested to hear your “stories” too! The Saintly Lady reminded her Children daily:

1. Live to Serve!
2. It’s nice to be important, but more important to be NICE!
3. Above all else, the most important is to “LOVE and BE LOVED!”

We can all be inspired by these 3 sentences no matter what age we are because at any age, we must learn and grow Grow GROW, as tall and steady as a solid healthy TREE!

Right now, our world seems so rushed, so anxious, so negative, with so many desires we are yet to fulfill, but these desires are oftentimes more material than practical do you feel? We cannot really stop to “smell & enjoy the roses”! My eyes are blurred by all the shopping malls, so much advertisement to buy everything, spend spend spend, and consistent bad news in the World. We become attached to the beauty apps on our phones which create a wax figure photo which truly hide our TRUE INNER & actual beauty! We need to show people our true heart selves so that everyone, including ourselves, can recognize us! WE are beautiful in everyway, with goodness inside of us, which we can share with everyone! I realize that everyone wants to buy the newest phone, a new bag, new shoes, new clothes, new jewelry, new this, new that, and before you know it, our homes are filled with things we have no time to use or really need. As the years fly by, you cannot believe how much “STUFF” is accumulated and you have to buy more storage space to find more storage space, and if you put things away, you will forget you have them, and go buy more new things! Hahaa. Isn’t that just silly? Because this kind of “purchasing” excitement is fleeting, so short lived. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy what you need to use, but that the deep experience of feeling, touching, sharing, warmth from our hearts, is so much more vivid, than just a product we can purchase & discard. True heart is priceless and cannot be bought! It must be earned and GIVEN but the results we receive is going to be the wealthiest treasure you can ever have in your possession!

I want to ask if you would all consider to embrace some interesting, important aspects of life, and know that we can appreciate each other’s true identity, and interact with real and amazing experiences. Right now, just taking a slow walk basking in the miraculous beauty of nature, hearing the birds chirping, the rustling of the beautiful trees swaying & standing tall, breathing in the vitally energizing fresh air makes for an enchanting experience, and it’s FREE! Exercise, eating well, being good to ourselves, and to others, is a very enlightening experience, which brings me to my IDEA💡💡💡

I would like to please kindly request and encourage that our intimate family share a little project with me? I have dreamed of wanting to spread more positivity and love throughout our close community and hoping it may take a natural course, with your help, to ripple further into the social atmosphere in creating a POSITIVE influence amongst all of us. I am surely not forcing you, but I heartfully wish you would take it upon yourselves to join and share. It is by your own free and good will to participate. It doesn’t matter who, from all walks of life, young or older, there is no prejudice as long as we are thinking good thoughts, taking action, and creating good things for the GREATER GOOD…… TOGETHER!

With a small team of 3, we have created a slogan called 🙏ThinkACTPOSITVE, affectionately abbreviated, TAP, with the Chinese “愛的可能” (AI DE KE NENG). The English is inspired from wanting to promote “Thinking Positive” but stressing the necessity to put thinking into ACTION so we may instill the positive effect into reality! Only ACTION can create a beneficial RESULT. Borrowing my affectionately titled song name, is inspired by the realization that LOVE has infinite possibilities and there can be no limitations for us to spread this LOVE for thousands and thousands of miles!

With this slogan, which we can download to remind ourselves daily to ThinkACTPOSITVE. I boldly ask of YOU, if we could please kindly participate in spreading the goodness of our best selves? To, in our daily lives, take action to devise simple and random acts of kindness for, either the people we love, or the people we don’t even know, or to GIVE BACK to those whom have at one time shown us kindness in some way. You see, the reason I want you all to have fun with this.. is because you have been giving me your love and kindness for so many many years, and I am exploding & gushing with JOY!!! I want to be able to share all our JOY with others too.. so I would like to ask you to generously give the love that you bestow upon me, so many others can also benefit from your BIG BIG HEARTS! Anything to spread the love! To speak, and act, with KINDNESS, with the best and most loving intentions at all possible??!!! Even if you are not in the best of moods. The most important part is, NOT TO EXPECT ANYTHING BACK! 😁😁😁.. but if you might receive back, even a simple Thank You, will be a great blessing, but to GIVE LOVE TO OTHERS, and see how happy they are, can promise an amazing glowing warmth within the deepest of our being which will feel like floating on iclouds! That is the most cherished return that we can receive! I’m not promising life is going to be PERFECT or without challenges from now on just because of our good deeds. There should not be expectation for rewards for giving LOVE. There are no trades. It is only for the sake of expanding, deepening, influencing POSITIVITY all around us which I feel the World surely needs! We would still need to embrace our life’s challenges, big & small, as we need to learn and grow from them. We will all make mistakes, this is absolutely normal & necessary, but it is essential that we will be responsible for our mistakes, to learn and grow from them. We must upgrade ourselves at all stages of our lives. This is the reason the Universe provides us with challenges or situations to resolve, and plow through triumphantly which can make us prosper to enrich our lives & soul being!

Another reason I would like to ask you to join me in this endeavor is because I learned this all so late.. I am today 57 years old and I wish I would have known this a long long time ago.. but I am grateful for this cherished journey to discovery. Although I am still in the process of learning and growing, it has changed my life so dramatically that I feel it a duty to share with all of you. I do hope you would share some of your stories with me in your future to let me know if it affected you in a good way, or even not, as I would really be interested to hear from those who feel they would like to try this way of thinking and life, even in the most difficult times of their lives, and when sometimes you feel that you would never see the light of day, but still, persevere to think and act, in KIND. I wish that whatever goodness we create in our time here, can also be influenced toward generations to come!

I was always trying so hard to just be a HAPPY GIRL, CONTENT and SATISFIED, but recently I discovered that the Universe wants more for us than just that. That we can be EXCITED for what’s next, to PROGRESS, ENHANCE, EXPAND, IMPROVE, SELF DEVELOP, HIGHLY EVOLVE, and GROW, GROW GROW, SLOWLY, STEADY, in upward ascension, just like our TREE of LIFE! A TREE grows slowly, stands tall, rooted firmly, with diversifying branches, twigs, and ever-changing leaves, shedding and growing anew, but always SOLID, resonating STRENGTH and RELIABILITY! A Tree retains its wisdom for thousands of years and we can try to achieve this too. It sends electrifying, boundless energy into the vast spaciousness, and we can vibrate this enormous positive energy throughout the stratosphere and create DIVINE GOODNESS with OUR ABUNDANT LOVE!

Please help to spread it far and wide, and TOGETHER, we can use our endless determination and perseverance to UNITE humanity in our own little way, step by step, to be GOOD and LOVING to each other UNconditionally! Because the GODS & UNIVERSE want the BEST UNITY for all of us! Do you agree? I really hope so! I hope my Birthday WISH comes true!

SO… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ALL OF US to start this exciting & amazing journey together with me! LET’S JOIN HEARTS to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and ThinkACTPOSITVE and create MIRACLES, WITH INFINITE POSSIBILITIES OF LOVE!!! I’m looking FORWARD!!!

Forever yours, Faithfully, Sally!!!

PS. Some of you may not understand what I mean.. but here is an example…. I am trying to make this Bday message as short as possible, so I apologize to take so much of your time, but I just have to share my own amazing experience of a random act of kindness.

About 3 weeks ago, I was rushing to go for a dinner at 7pm, my driver was off that day, so I was like a mad woman getting a taxi at 6:45pm, which was late already, and my friend is scary punctual, like LAM! I didn’t even want to call Uber cos that would take another 3 min and then an unknown wait time in rush hour traffic. It was very hot muggy night, I just went to salon for new curly hair do, and I knew I may not get a taxi. It was completely dark, and I tried to flag down 3 or 4 taxis and none of them would stop! Now is 6.50pm, no more taxis coming, I’m in sheer panic now and sweat dripping down my neck, ruining my lovely curls, so I decided to call my PA to ask her to call Uber for me. At this point I was angry at myself for not preparing my time well enough! I had the phone to my ear while watching for taxis but my PA Becca couldn’t hear me.. and kept saying what? what? So now I’m on the street screaming so she can hear me. Really MAD COW. Suddenly a car pulls up beside me and a young, chirpy lady rushes out while I’m screaming on the phone. I thought she was asking for directions and I was quite frustrated someone disturbing me while I’m clearly busy & sweating! It was so dark but we stood near a bus stop with a little light, (BUS was my next option but I didn’t even know my route!) so suddenly she says.. excuse me, are you Sally? I’m so shocked.. I said what?!! She said.. I’m so sorry.. U R SALLY?! I really like you.. can I take a photo with you!? Now I’m in SHEER SHOCK. I’m thinking goodness.. how can you see me on the street in this darkness.. at this moment.. Becca is still on the phone and I’m very torn between get Uber, or take this photo.. so I thought.. well.. this girl make such an effort to stop her car, run to me to get a photo…. I must do it! So I reluctantly hung Becca up and took a photo with her. I must look like wet rag! She thanked me like crazy.. and then asked me why I’m standing on the street! She explained that she had already passed me on her way home and that her adorable Husband offered to TURN THE CAR BACK to ask for my photo because they said it was so RARE to see me standing there and if they didn’t do it now.. they might lose this opportunity! (I’m so glad I agreed to take the photo hehehe) obviously I didn’t get a taxi is why I’m still standing there.. and I didn’t even want to explain cos I needed desperately to call my Uber again.. so I blurted out.. I’m trying to find a TAXIII to get to Central!!!! Then the most miraculous thing happened.. she asked her Husband & they KINDLY OFFERED ME A RIDE! A perfect stranger.. who knows me but I don’t know her. Their home was only 2 minutes away but they were willing to drive me 20 minutes away to Central! Well.. I thought.. why not?!! I was so grateful for their hospitality already as I would have one very mad friend.. so of course I had to make polite chit chat in the car. They had a more amazing story! I have goosebumps telling you guys! The girl explained that her Father loved me and my songs so much that he decided to NAME HER AFTER ME when she was born! So she was named SIN MAN, with a different surname! Now what in the world are the odds of that?! Her Father, sadly had passed away such as my Dad too so we had something in common as well.. so when she saw me, even in the dark, she had to get my photo in memory of her Father! HOW INCREDIBLY SWEET IS THAT?! SO LOVING!!! I was almost in tears and couldn’t believe my Blessing to have someone so kind to help me for no reason, and taking the time out of their own busy life. I am full of appreciation and I think of this couple often and I will never forget what they did for me. I would have been 1 hour late if not for them. She also wished me a Happy Bday today (also shocked she knows my Bday) but she does not know I am telling this story.. hehee.. I have experienced many situations like this in my life and I feel so blessed because of it. At this moment in my life, I want to spread the love and I hope you would make this happen with me too.. it’s a great feeling to share love and true kindness. 😁😁😁

Always yours, and faithfully, Sally!!! 



我在微博上看到了你們很多衷心的生日問候, 還有一些在其他媒體網站上! 非常感謝你們! ! 你們仍然將我深深記在心裡令我異常感動,因此我想要 “許一個生日願望” 希望我能與你們分享一件非常開心的事,為今年,也為一直的將來。

在逐漸覺醒和越發成熟的歲月裡, 經歷了人生中的一切, 我領悟到人生中最值得珍惜的東西其實非常簡單。我知道你們中的許多人一路陪我走過了這麼長的旅程, 也有許多人剛剛加入了我們的親密家庭, 但我希望你們都能從這裡獲得一些新的視角。

過去的幾年裡, 我經歷了許多風風雨雨, 意識到生活中包含著太多面向和。但歸根到底, 最重要的是你被你所愛的人和真正愛你的人所包圍和擁抱! 沒有什麼比這更重要的了! 我也一直從事著許多於精神層面的自我學習, 試圖了解如何在生活中實現更多意義。最近我讀了一篇文章,它剛好將我所有讀過和經歷過的濃縮成簡單的智慧,我很高興與大家分享! 這借鑒與一位非常聰明的女士, 她將她的孩子們教得很好。 我不認識她, 但我相信她列出的3個人生目標正好總結出了我所堅信的生活的簡單目的和意義。當然,歡迎大家關於這3條發表自己的觀點,並分享各自關於如何看待人生的寶貴智慧和經驗。我也很想聽到你們的 “故事”! 這位智慧的夫人每天提醒她的孩子們:

1. 為了服務而活!
2. 能成為重要的人很不錯, 但更重要的是要善良友善!
3. 高於一切的, 最重要的是 “愛和被愛”!


現在, 我們的世界看上去如此匆忙,充滿焦慮,負面滿滿,有那麼多的欲望等著我們去追逐,但這些欲望往往都是關乎於物質,其實也並不實際,大家覺得呢? 我們好像已經忘記了如何停下來享受生活! 我的眼睛被那所有的購物中心閃得模糊,到處是廣告,試圖說服我們去買買買;各種負面新聞在世界各地已成了常態。我們對手機上的美容應用產生依賴——它們創造出一幅幅看上去像蠟像一樣的照片,藏在那背後的是我們真正的內在和實際的美! 我們需要向他人展示真正的內心,這樣每個人,包括我們自己,才能重新認出自己! 我們各個方面都很美,內心始終抱持著善意,這些也正是我們能和每個人分享的! 我意識到每個人都想買最新的手機,新的手袋皮包,新的鞋子,新的衣服,新的首飾,新的這個,新的那個,不知不覺中家裡就已經充滿了沒有時間用或並不真正需要的東西。隨著歲月飛逝,你無法相信自己積累了多少 “東西”;同時,你又不得不購買更多的存儲空間才能放下更多的東西;如果你將東西收好,就會忘記它們的存在,又去買更多的新東西回來! 哈哈,這是不是有點笨笨的呢? 因為這種 “購買” 所帶來的興奮是轉瞬即逝的。我不是說你不應該買自己所需要的東西,但那些發自於內心的,基於感受、感動、分享和溫暖的深刻體驗, 比任何可以被買來又被丟棄的商品可能帶給我們的要更生動鮮活得多。真心無價,也不能被購買! 它只能被贏取,被給予,但最終所得於此的將是我們最寶貴的擁有!

相反,我想知道你們是否會考慮擁抱一些非常有趣的、重要的生活面向,明白我們可以欣賞彼此真正的樣子,並通過真實的和令人驚歎的經歷互動。 現在,漫步於大自然神奇的美中,聽到鳥兒的鳴叫聲,或是聽著美麗高大的樹搖曳的沙沙作響的聲音,呼吸著令人心曠神怡的清新空氣 —— 這已經是美妙的一天和體驗,而且全部是免費的! 鍛煉,吃好,照顧好自己,好好對待他人,這些體驗已經足夠給我們帶來啟發,也正是這些帶給我如下的想法💡💡💡

我誠意請求並鼓勵我們這個親密家庭一起分享一個小項目? 我夢想著在這個友善社區中傳播更多的積極和愛,並希望在你們的協助下,這個項目得以以其自然的方式,進一步被傳遞到更廣闊的社會環境中,從而給我們所有人帶來正面啟迪。當然我不會強迫你們,但衷心希望大家能自主選擇加入並分享。參與將是出於大家各自的自由及良好意願。無論是誰,無論來自哪裡,從事何種職業,無論年輕或是年長,這裡沒有任何偏見,唯一需要的只是我們思維正面積極,採取行動,一起為大家創造更多的美好!

同一個3人的小團隊一起,我們創造了一個口號 🙏ThinkACTPOSITVE, 並有愛地將它縮寫為 TAP, 中文口號是“愛的可能”。 英文口號的靈感來自于要提倡 “Thinking Positive正面思考”,但又需強調必須把思想付諸行動,才能令正面效果呈現於現實之中! 只有行動才能創造出有益的成果。所以是英文口號的第二部分ACTPOSITVE,積極行動。中文口號借用了我的歌名,靈感來自於對 “愛有無限可能性” 的認識 —— 我們對愛的傳播也有無限的可能性,可以傳播至成千上萬英里!

我們可以下載這個口號的圖片,每天提醒自己 ThinkACTPOSITVE,同時我想大膽地提議,看我們是否都願意參與進來,把源於最好的自己的那份善意和美好傳遞出去? 在日常生活中,採取行動,帶給我們所愛的人,甚至是我們不認識的人,簡單而隨意的善舉,或者對那些曾經以某種方式賦予我們善意的人們予以回報。其實,我想大家一起來開心做這件事,是因為那麼多年來你們一直給我很多厚愛和善意,而這些帶給我滿溢於心的快樂和喜悅,所以我想大家也同樣慷慨地把你們給我的愛傳遞出去,給大家,這樣會有更多人享受到你們寬大博愛的心! 任何傳播愛的方式都可以! 懷著盡可能最好、最有愛的意圖,充滿善意地講話或行動,即使是在你心情不夠好的時候。 最重要的是, 不要期待任何回報! 😁😁😁但是,如果你得到回報,即使是簡單的感謝,那也是極大的福報。無論如何,給別人愛,並看到他們因此而多麼幸福,足以確保在我們的靈魂深處觸發出不可思議的溫暖! 這是我們能收到的最珍貴的回報! 我並不能承諾因為我們的善行,生活從此就只有完美,沒有挑戰。給予愛不應該期待獎賞,也不包含任何交易。這只是為了擴大, 加深, 影響我們周圍的正能量,現在的世界也正需要如此! 我們仍然需要擁抱生活中或大或小的挑戰,因為需要它們是學習和成長的必經之路。每個人都會犯錯誤,這是絕對正常和必要的,但我們必須要為自己的錯誤負責,以便從它們身上學到東西並由此進步。生活的各個階段都充滿著提升自我的可能性,這就是世界給我們挑戰或難題去解決去戰勝的原因 —— 它們令我們茁壯,豐盈我們的生活和精神!

我想請你們和我一起努力做這件事的另一個原因是,我自己太晚學到了這些… 今天我已經57歲了,多麼希望在很久很久以前我就已經明白這些道理。但同時,對如此珍貴的旅程和發現,我深懷感激。雖然我仍在學習和成長的過程中,迄今的所有已經極富戲劇化地改變了我的生活,所以我感覺自己有義務和所有人分享。我非常希望在未來你們能和我分享自己的故事,讓我知道這些是否令你有所收穫;即使沒有,我也同樣有興趣知道那些想嘗試這種思維和生活方式的朋友們的故事——即使是在生活最艱難的時刻,即使有的時候你覺得無論如何都找不到光和出口,但仍然,請堅持怀揣著善意去思考和行動。我希望,無論在此時此地我們共同達成了何種美好,這都將繼續傳遞下去,繼而去影響之後的世世代代。

我總是努力做一個開心的女孩,想心滿意足,但我最近發現,世界其實賦予了我們更多的期望。未來充滿令人興奮的可能性,而我們也要不斷進步、提升、擴展、自我發展、持續進化,成長,成長,成長 —— 慢慢地, 紮實地,向上生長,就像我們的生命之樹一樣! 一棵樹緩慢成長,高高聳立,深深紮根,樹枝樹葉和樹冠不斷變化,脫落又重生,卻始終堅實, 代表著堅強和可靠! 一棵樹千年來都能堅守它的智慧,我們也能試著達成如此成就。它向廣闊的空間中散發出了激動人心的無窮能量,而我們也可以如此這般震動出巨大的正能量,用我們豐富的愛創造神聖的善良!

請幫助我們廣泛傳播,攜手一起,我們可以用無盡的決心和毅力,用或許有限但誠懇的方式,團結大家, 一步一步地,無條件地對彼此付出善良與愛! 因為上天與世界想要我們所有人攜手共進! 你同意嗎? 我真的希望如此! 我希望我的生日願望成真!

所以… 祝大家生日快樂,與我一起開始這激動人心的旅程! 讓我們一起用心去改變和 ThinkACTPOSITVE,創造奇跡,擁有無限的愛的可能!!! 我期待!!!


PS. 你們中的一些人可能不明白我的意思,但這有一個例子…… 我試圖讓這份生日留言盡可能簡短,所以很抱歉花了你們這麼多時間,但我必須分享我自己遇到的,他人給予我的善意幫助的不可思議的體驗。

大約3個星期前,我趕著去晚上7點的一個晚餐,那天我的司機放假,我像一個瘋女人一樣在下午6:45急著叫計程車。當時已經很晚了,我的朋友守時得可怕,就像LAM一樣! 我甚至都不想叫Uber,因為那樣又要多等3分鐘,再加上高峰時段,還不知道最終要等多久。那是一個非常悶熱的夜晚,我剛去沙龍做了新的卷髮,也知道我可能根本叫不到計程車。天已經全黑了,我試著打手勢叫了3,4輛車,但沒有一輛停下來! 當時已經是下午6:50,沒有更多的計程車來,我完全處於恐慌之中,汗水從脖子上流下來,毀了我可愛的卷髮,所以我決定打電話給我的助手,請她幫我叫Uber。這時,我已經因為沒有充分準備好時間而對自己很生氣了! 一邊繼續找計程車,我一邊把手機放在耳邊,但是助手Becca聽不到我的聲音……並一直在問著 “什麼? 什麼?” 所以我開始在街上尖叫以讓她可以聽到我的聲音。真的是像瘋牛一樣。突然,一輛汽車停在我身邊,我仍在打著電話,一位年輕活潑的女士從車裡衝出來。我以為她要問路,甚至有些沮喪有人在我顯然很忙和不停流汗的時候來打擾我! 天很黑,我們站在一個有點光亮的公共汽車站附近(乘巴士是下一個選擇,但我甚至都不知道路線!)突然她說.. “對不起,你是Sally嗎?” 我很震驚… 我說 “什麼?!!” 她說.. “很抱歉..你是Sally嗎?! 我真的很喜歡你.. 我可以和你合影嗎?” 現在我是完全驚呆了。我在想…… 天啊,你怎麼可能在如此黑暗的街道上看到我…… 此時此刻…… Becca仍然在打電話,我在叫Uber 和拍合照之間猶豫不決… 我想.. 好吧.. 這個女孩如此花心思停下車,跑到我身邊想拍張照……我必須和她拍! 所以我不情願地掛掉Becca的電話,和她拍了合照。我看上去肯定像一塊濕抹布! 她像瘋了一樣感謝我…… 然後問我為什麼站在街上!她解釋說,她在回家的路上,剛剛已經駛過我身邊了,她可愛的丈夫提議掉頭回來問我拍合照,他們說因為很難見到我站在那裡。如果他們當時不這樣做,可能就會失去這個機會! (我很開心我同意了拍照 hehehe)顯然我還是沒有叫到計程車,所以仍然站在那裡.. 我甚至都不想解釋,因為必須繼續拼命打電話叫Uber… 所以我脫口而出……“我正想叫一輛計程車去中環!!!!” 然後,最神奇的事情發生了…… 她問了她的丈夫後,他們親切地提出要開車送我去! 這可是一位不折不扣的陌生人啊… 她認識我,但我不認識她。他們回家只需要2分鐘路程,但竟然願意開車20分鐘送我去中環! 好吧… 我想.. 為什麼不呢?!! 我非常感謝他們的熱情,如果不是他們,我將不得不面對那個有人遲到就會發飆的朋友…… 當然,在車裡我們不得不進行禮貌的閒聊。而他們有一個更神奇的故事! 現在告訴你們這些的時候我仍然起雞皮疙瘩! 這個女孩解釋說她的父親非常愛我和我的歌,所以當她出生時,他決定給她起同我一樣的名字! 所以她的名字也是SIN MAN,只是姓氏不同! 講真,世界上發生這種事的概率有多少?! 令人難過的是,她的父親已經去世了,和我父親一樣,所以我們也有一些共同點…… 因此,當她看到我時,即使是在黑暗中,她也必須來和我拍照,也是為了紀念她的父親! 這是不是可愛到不可思議?太有愛了! 我幾乎流淚了,無法相信自己的福氣,有如此善良的人從他們忙碌的生活中抽出時間來無緣無故地幫助我。我非常感激,也經常想起這對夫婦,永遠不會忘記他們為我做的。如果沒有他們,我會遲到1小時。她今天也祝福我生日快樂了(也很震驚,她竟然知道我的生日),但她不知道我在這裡講這個故事.. hehee.. 我在生活中遇到過很多這樣的事,因此我感到非常幸福。在生命中的這個時刻,我想把愛傳出去,也希望你們能和我一起,令這個願望成真…… 分享愛和真正的善意是一種很棒的感覺。😁😁😁

永遠是你們的,忠實地, Sally! ! !