November 20, 2013


SELF PORTRAIT!!. haha.. with my Precious hairdresser Heibi in Foshan Tien Di! Wanted to let you all know this photo is PHOTOSHOP.. Instagram, 360 degree, TOUCH FREE!! I purposely left all my gravel marks!! We gotta embrace our graceful aging guys and gals! We need to learn to love the REAL US.. not someone we think society would accept… and girls got to stop worrying about how they look!! Well.. care about how you look but must care from the inside out!! I’m just hearing a 32 year olds getting plastic surgery, all sorts of injections into the body and face and I’m totally SHOCKED!! I know a lot of young people do things these days.. but I never really met one I knew so close to home!! SO YOUNG!! We must take good care of ourselves and take the lines that will inevitably gradually show up as part of the signs of the life we have lived and enjoy each wrinkle as our journey into maturity and the way of life that was destined for us!!

I am petrified of seeing people who were beautiful in their youth and may have aged in the most admirable way possible, turn into people I have no recognition of and if don’t they tell me their name, and that I know them.. I would not recognize for the life of me!! I think every person is very special and whether they are the “standard” of “good looks” or not.. I much more enjoy a unique character!! Looks fade.. and really mean nothing! Make your unique personality SHINE EVERYONE!!! That is the most beautiful OF ALL!!! SUNSHINE!!! ALL THE TIME!!!

We have the blessing of being born and taking charge of how we live our lives.. now.. some of us.. faster than others.. but eventually EVERYONE… will need to travel the path to our final pot of gold at the END of the rainbow… of which, if we can plan it in the most intelligent and best way possible.. we can certainly appreciate it so much more intensely.. as we all have so many memories to reflect back upon!! Let’s make those GREAT memories!!!

自拍照!!哈哈… 和我不可多得的髮型師Heibi, 在佛山天地! 想讓你們知道這組照片是完全360度原裝版,完全沒有經過PS 、Instagram 修改的!! 我沒想過要去刻意隱藏歲月帶給我的印記!!男生女生們, 我們應當用優雅坦然的態度去“擁抱”歲月!學著愛上真正的自己!而非那個覺得需要被他人接受的偽裝… 女生們也千萬別過分在意自己的美貌!!當然…要關心自己看上去怎樣,但這種關心應當是由內而外的!!我剛聽說一個32歲的女生去做整容,將各種各樣的針劑打入臉上、身體裡,太讓人震驚了!!我知道現如今很多年輕人會有這樣的選擇,但身邊的人這還是第一次聽說!!那麼年輕!!我們一定要照看好自己,那些歲月的印記將不可避免地爬上我們的臉龐,成為我們生命的部份,對於我們來說,其實那更是我們經歷過的生活的見證。每條皺紋都親歷了我們的成長,也引領著我們步向命運所賦予每個人的最獨特的旅程。

每當看到那些在年輕時曾很美麗的人,完全可以以最優雅與令人讚賞的姿態走過歲月,卻選擇以這種方式忽然間變成不再認識的人,如果不是有人告訴我她們的名字,,無論怎樣我都絕對認不出他們現在的樣子!!我相信每個人都是很特別的,無論他們是否擁有那些所謂“標準化”的“美貌”… 我總是更愛每個人獨一無二的個性!!美貌易逝,其實也真的不能代表什麼!我們每個人,都請讓自己獨一無二的性格發光發亮吧!!這才是所有事中最美的!!陽光!!無時無刻!!!

我們有自打出生起就可以主宰生活的幸運… 也許現在有的人會走得快些,但我們每個人最終都會走到彩虹的盡頭挖到屬於自己那桶金… 我們只有以最智慧、最好的方法來計劃這個旅程,才能完全、真切地享受它… 也因此我們才會有很多美好回憶可以回想!!讓我們確保那些將是最棒的回憶!!!

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