Dear Fans and Friends,

February 15, 2020

How R all of U? I hope U R all doing Ok at this difficult period in our lives. Many people are steeped in sadness, anxiety and panic. I realize there is so much negativity and strife happening all around us, as our health and world is in crisis, but it’s times like these.. that we must work harder to find the inner stillness in the midst of the storm to steady our minds and our hearts, so we can carry on, as this is the necessity of life. Sometimes it is needed to accept what it is & take this time to help ourselves and extend a helping hand to others. I know it is hard to see the POSITIVE in this situation, but we are always given 2 choices. If we don’t see the positive, we are left with the negative, and how is negative going to help? It will bring us deeper into misery and leave no room to prosper. Positive thinking, can shine a light to whatever darkness is on the horizon, and give a smile to our faces, for all things will have dark and light. I believe this is where ThinkACTPOSITVE (TAP❣️) can apply in the best way possible❣️ We can take this time to think positively, do something positive, think more deeply, and creatively, in a positive manner.

Although with thought for your health and well-being, I hope you will try to alleviate your fear, find the JOY & LOVE in this moment for someone, or something which U R so blessed with. We sometimes think of all that we lack, yet forget what we so abundantly have in our own hearts & homes❣️ I feel so blessed just to have a beating heart, two hands and legs, a thinking MIND, that we can DO something GOOD with it❣️ We can find the SILVER LINING in every single day❣️ Just realize that you are so “BLESSED”, and there is always going to be night and DAY, dark & LIGHT, rain & SHINE, moon & SUN, clouds & BLUE SKY, YOU AND ME❣️❣️❣️ We all have a CHOICE❣️❣️ Choose to TAP❣️❣️ ThinkACTPOSITVE❣️ EVERYDAY❣️❣️ FIND it in your HEART to BLESS, & LOVE EVERYONE❣️❣️❣️

In our now warm, cocooned homes, we can learn to be creative, clean out and organize our homes to put everything in an organized manner, learn something new, educate ourselves on a new skill which you can use in your future like I’ve been studying about the immune system and how to build a strong one. Research & create simple, interesting dishes at home to eat & have a cooking show with your family. Take up a sport, go out to have a wonderful walk in the colder weather, there are so many walking places in HK, enjoy nature, biking, hiking, listen to music, reading, anything which can keep us calm, serene and keeping yourself healthy if you have the extra time on your hands. It’s important to build a STRONG BODY and mind.. that is one that can get through challenges in life as there will always be ups and downs❣️

I also wanted to share that I recycle my own masks. I don’t know if it is the right way, but it seems very wasteful to use the mask just once. I put a thick tissue or hand towel paper folded into ¼ to put inside the mask so when I only need to throw the paper inside away and can save the mask in a reusable Ziploc bag and keep the mask clean by either using a hot blow dryer to blow dry the inside of the mask, and keeping the mask safely wrapped in a hand paper towel b4 using again. I have been using mine for over 1 week now❣️ I’m not asking everyone to use this method but I also feel we can try to save and recycle otherwise there will be so much more discarded masks and even the hospital does not give out masks anymore and the prices are raised too high outside for normal purchase. I also want to share that white vinegar can also be used as a disinfectant and we use a few parts vinegar and water at home to clean our floors for many years now. It is not known to kill germs, but is a good disinfectant, cleaner, biodegradable and has no smell.

Let’s try to take this time to do whatever we can think of for the HIGHEST & GREATEST GOOD and for ourselves, our family & each other❣️ Take good good care everyone❣️❣️❣️

I’m sharing a recording of a song & the beautiful scenery of the beauty we can always see if we choose to.. Pls excuse the awful jittery camera job I did.. hahaha..

Final note to all: I really hope we can be a UNITED COLLECTIVE of Individual Human beings, who can have the WHOLE HEART and GRACE to PRAY and THANK ALL those Authorities, Professionals, Big and Small, Doctors, Nurses, healthcare workers, volunteers whom leave their families behind in different cities to HELP, whom R working 24 hours a day to sheer exhaustion at the front lines in the hospitals and anywhere else to help save all those whom have been infected and fighting so hard to protect the rest of us, Globally, from being infected as well. Let’s also PRAY FOR those whom have fallen sick and struggling thru the quarantines & illness. This is really a wakeup call to be compassionate to ourselves and our FELLOW MAN. No matter what we are living on this Planet together and really have to SO KIND to ourselves and all others by being GOOD to each other❣️❣️❣️❣️ Thank you all for reading and let’s PRAY TOGETHER FOR THE GREATER GOOD❣️❣️❣️❣️





我當然很關心大家的健康和福祉,但同時我也希望大家能減輕恐懼,在當下的此刻找到身邊的某人或某事正在帶來的喜悅和愛。有的時候我們想著的都是自己所缺少的一切,卻忘記了在各自的心中和家中其實都充滿著豐盈❣️僅僅擁有一顆跳動的心,兩隻手和兩隻腿,一個能思考的頭腦,我已經感到如此幸運,因為擁有這一切已經足夠我們去做好事,把愛傳出去❣️每天都能找到一線希望❣️人生中總會有夜晚和白天,黑暗與光明,雨和陽光,月亮和太陽,雲和藍天,你與我❣️只要意識到其實我們都是如此幸運,每個人都有選擇❣️選擇TAP❣️ ThinkACTPOSITVE❣️每天❣️❣️在你的心中找到去祝福和愛所有人的動力❣️❣️❣️
在我們如今溫暖舒適的房間裡,我們可以學習去有創造力的度過,打掃衛生並整理房屋,有條理的安置所有物品,學習新東西,自我學習掌握可以在未來用得到的知識和新技能,例如最近我就一直在研究免疫系統以及如何使自己的免疫系統更強大。在家中研究和製作簡單有趣的菜餚,並與家人一起來一場烹飪秀。從事一項運動,在寒冷的天氣中出外散散步。香港有很多適合散步的地方。享受大自然,騎單車,徒步,聽音樂,讀書… 如果你有多餘的時間,任何可以使自己保持冷靜,平靜,健康的事都是好的。擁有強壯的身體和頭腦很重要。這是可以克服生活中挑戰的一種方法,因為人生總會有起起伏伏❣️

讓我們嘗試利用這段時間去做我們能想到的,可以為所有人都帶來美好的事—— 為自己,為家人,為彼此❣️大家好好照顧自己❣️❣️❣️

我想分享一首歌曲的錄音,以及只要我們選擇,就可以隨時看到的美麗風景。請原諒我糟糕的攝影作品.. 哈哈哈。

最後還想和大家說:我真的希望我們可以每個人都團結在一起,可以全心全意地祈禱和感謝所有權威,專業人士,醫生們,護士們,全體醫護人員,以及志願者們 —— 他們將自己的家人留在不同的城市而去幫助他人,他們全天24小時工作,在醫院和其他任何地方的前線精疲力盡地努力工作,以挽救所有感染者,並為保護世界上所有的其他人不被感染而持續奮鬥。我們還要為那些因生病而被隔離並在掙扎著和疾病頑強抗爭的人祈禱。這是一個警鐘,提醒我們對自己和同胞抱持同情心。無論如何,我們共同生活在這個星球上,真的必須對自己和他人盡力友好善待❣️❣️❣️❣️ 謝謝大家的閱讀,讓我們一起為更大的美好祈禱❣️❣️❣️
大家情人節快樂,愛你們身邊的人們❣️❣️🙏🙏😇 你們也在我心裡❣️❣️❣️🙏🙏😇😇