A message from Sally 沙麗與你傾訴

March 30, 2013

Dearest Friends!!!

We have the most amazing heart of hearts here! Our Fans have done something truly unique which has touched my heart so much!! When I arrived in Las Vegas for my concert, I noticed my North American Fans carrying the most adorable tote bag, which modestly speaking, I have to say… had ME all over it!!! It was caricatures of me from the concert wearing all the costumes from each part!! Plus…each person had a T-shirt on, with also a single caricature of ME, wearing the costume and hair from one part of the concert! I was really impressed and quite touched that they would take so much consideration in making these bags and T-shirts. My immediate assistants and some of our crew were given either bag or one T-shirt as a gift. I asked how much it costs to make and of course it was not cheap!! They are so cute and from the bottom of the producers’ heart, so I asked.. why not offer these to some of the fans on our sites so… they can also order the bag or T-shirt, and also have a souvenir from the Concert if they would like? So now, they have made it available for all our Fans from all over the world to place an order. They will not make money from this, just the actual cost of making the item. They have added a $5.00 premium so that we may donate this premium to a Charity. I have chosen an elderly care Charity called Helping Hand in Hong Kong and have provided the information of this Charity alongside here for your information >

Thank you for contributing to my Concert, for being there, for all your support, your love and continued devotion! I really appreciate it very much and if you would like a small piece of our memory, feel free to enjoy this wonderful souvenir that some of our Fans really put their heart into! SEE U NEXT WEEK IN GUANG ZHOU!!!

With All My Love!! Sally!!


我們遇到了最有心的人! 我們的歌迷做了一件很特別的事,令我非常感動!! 當我抵達拉斯維加斯做演唱會的時候, 我注意到我的北美歌迷拿著一種非常可愛的手提袋… 我不得不謙虛的說… 那個手提袋上印的全是我!!! 那上面印的圖案是以我的”完全是你”演唱會中造型為原型而繪製的漫畫,包括了所有部分的每套衣服!!! 而且,她們每個人都穿了一件印有我漫畫形象的T恤, T恤上的我也是穿著演唱會裡的一套衣服,髮型也出自演唱會裡! 這給我留下了極深的印象, 也深深的感動了我,因為她們花了很多心思去做這些。 我身邊的助手們,以及一些工作人員,也都得到了一個手提袋或一件T恤作為禮物。我問了她們做這些花了多少錢, 當然是不便宜的!! 這些作品實在是非常可愛,而且都是發自設計師及製作者的真心,所以我提到,為什麼不將這些也提供給我們網站上的歌迷呢,這樣,如果他們想的話, 也可以特別訂購這些手提袋和T恤,從而也可以擁有這份演唱會的紀念品了? 她們令這件事成為可能­­ – 現在全世界的所有歌迷都可以訂購了!她們不會從這裡賺錢, 你們所看到的價格就是她們特別安排製作所需要的價格。她們在這之上加收了5美元(已包含在定價裡),這樣我們便可將加收的部分捐給一個慈善機構。我選擇了一家香港的致力於老年人關懷與看護的慈善機構: Helping Hand. 在下面我們特別附加了這家慈善機構的相關資料供你們閱讀了解 >

謝謝你們為我的演唱會所做的貢獻,謝謝你們到場,謝謝你們所有的支持,愛和持續的付出! 我真的非常感激。如果你們想保存一份這個屬於我們的共同記憶, 希望你們會喜歡這些美妙的,由一些歌迷付出心血所設計的紀念品! 下個星期廣州見!!

以我全部的愛!! Sally!!

Helping Hand is a charity dedicated to serving the needy elderly people in Hong Kong.Established in 1978 to rehouse the elderly living in squalid caged bed spaces, we currently run six elderly homes plus the only holiday centre for the elderly in Hong Kong. Apart from the quality residential, caring, rehabilitation and dementia care services for our residents, we provide community support services and programmes for other local seniors and their carers.To provide an affordable and immediate alternative of retirement for the elderly including those desperately waiting for a subsidized care bed and dementia sufferers, we are running an integrated home in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province as the first elderly home ever run in China by a Hong Kong charity.