Dear All Friends out there!

September 24, 2017

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I have communicated with all of you! Please know that I do think of all of you often, and follow all of your kind and generous comments on all the social media sites.. but, at the same time, I would really like to find something interesting to share with you before making a post.. so I hope you can forgive me for taking this long to share!

I recently did something NEW which I found to be most enjoyable and refreshing.. which is to talk to all of you on a more intimate level! I had a wonderful opportunity to talk to a happy Sunday morning group on Sept 10th, 2017, helped very much by a wonderful and talented Ms. Cha Seew Yan and used the platform of World Heart Day to talk about using our HEARTS to the best of our abilities to make a HAPPY, fulfilling, and exciting LIFE for ourselves!

I really enjoyed talking to all of our good friends out there.. and I really hope I would be given more of this kind of opportunity in the future to share my most positive outlooks on LIFE! We must all enjoy and appreciate all we have in our hearts, and in our abundant Blessings! Please see the whole of my talk posted below here, and I do hope to see you all again sometime very soon!


大家好!很久沒有和大家交流!請知道我經常會想起你們,也有看你們在我所有社交網絡上善意慷慨的留言.. 但是,同時,我又總是想在有有趣的事和你們分享的時候才來發一些東西,所以希望你們可以原諒我那麼久才來留言!

最近我嘗試做了一些新的事情——即在更親近的層面和你們對話,我很享受,也覺得新奇!! 在2017年9月10日星期天的早晨,在極富才華的主持人查小欣小姐的幫助下,並以世界心臟日作為平台,我有一個很好的機會和大家就如何從心出發,過出自己最開心、充實的人生這個主題做了一次談話!


Bless you ALL! With much Love and Happiness!! Sally!