Dinner with group of Fan Club Committee members from 1991!!

Wednesday, Oct 23rd, 2019

Imagine my surprise when I received a letter from a past Fan Club Committee member named Agatha, out of the blue at my FB Messenger on a beautiful fine day on August 07, 2019! I was both shocked and surprised! I had remembered Agatha’s name but could not see a vision of her face right away! That’s how LONG it’s been and how much my memory has taken a good beating! She politely told me that she was wondering how I was and that she wanted to ask if it were possible to have a reunion meeting and with the rest of our committee for my coming Bday in Sept! Because I had so many pre dates for Bday dinners, a few work events, and other things.. we finally set a date on Oct 23rd.. which is my Uncle’s Bday!! I had also just arranged to have a Bday dinner with my present, younger fans on Oct 21st, whom are some as young as 19 years old! Like my GRANDCHILDREN! I hope I can be a positive influence on them as well! That will be my FOO CHEE!

They managed to arrange 11 out of 14 of my past committee members and it was really a walk BACK IN TIME when I saw them all.. how very very lovely.. Lam happen to ask me what I was doing for dinner that night and I was surprised he was willing to come! He usually would be afraid of being near so much noise but he was interested to meet all my past fan committee, so I think everyone was happier to see Lam then to see me! Hahaha..

It was a really a great reminiscing of our light hearted days, complimentary of the Committee members!! THANK YOU… THANK YOU ALL!! We had Indonesian food.. very yummy. I am so happy to see that everyone in this group had grown up so well, looking so very healthy and HAPPY, had wonderful jobs, SOME were married.. not many.. hahaha.. and they told me I was a curse that so many of my fans are not married! Aiyoooo.. Everyone’s heart and frame of mind seemed to be in a wonderful place! Some had been through difficult times, but made it through the rain, and came out healthy, wiser and GREAT!!! It is inspiring and uplifting to see everyone with harmonious MIND, BODY and SPIRIT!

It deeply occurs to me, that I am so very grateful to have had their wonderful presence in my life so many years ago, and now back together even if for this one night it would be a night to CHERISH forever. I’m sure we have all learned from each other. In life we meet and experience people and events that are going to shape and dictate how our lives will be in the future. It is so important to make the right decisions to achieve the right results. We are all faced with challenges and difficulties that we must get through in the best and most righteous way possible! We are all gifted and important influencers!

I guess I must repay them for their kind gesture after all these years to remember little ole me! I guess this is what it must really FEEL like for a big family when ALL your CHILDREN come home for a GREAT REUNION! It must be a Mother’s PRIDE AND JOY when the children grow up to be SO hard working, kind, giving, and remembering people from their past!! It’s amazing that after 28 years, the intimacy and warmness was as if we just saw each other last week!

I never had any Children of my own, but from my big and wonderful life, I have been BLESSED with SO MANY CHILDREN of different ages, male & female, and it feels like just ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! It doesn’t matter if they are your flesh and blood.. anybody can be generous, kind and compassionate with all their hearts and be close to us! If only we allow it and if only we let the LOVE FLOW easily! If only the entire world were like this.. we could all live in great peace and harmony!

It’s really wonderful to be able to CONNECT to each other and TIME has NO LIMITATIONS!!! I hope we can always get together, with my new, some very young, and present fans, and with my now returned friends from my past.. FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! LOVE, COMMUNICATION, & UNDERSTANDING… IS THE MAGIC KEY!!


Enjoy the photos we post.. and from my past Fan Club.. hahaha.. it’s pretty funny and exhilarating to see!!! Thx U guys.. Hey.. Don’t we all STILL LOOK GREAT???!!!



Committee 歌迷會委員會 – 1991 – 1992?

Committee 委員會 – Wed, Oct 23, 2019 ( LAM! 2019 Added Bonus! 🙂 )

1st Fans Club Event Invitation Letter 歌迷會第一次活動邀請函

Fan Club X’mas Newsletter!! 歌迷會聖誕節簡報!!

Looks like Anniversary Party! 看上去像週年派對!

Already trying to show my 瀟灑 moves, Hahaa 已經在試圖展示我瀟灑的動作了, 哈哈

Hot BBQ outside! Looks like fun! Should have another! 室外BBQ! 看上去很好玩! 應該再來一次!


Can see my forehead wrinkles even in 1990’s!! AIYOOO!! 90年代已經能看到額前的皺紋了!! AIYOOO!!!

Look HUNGRY! 看上去很餓!

I WISH SO BIG!! MY CROWN JEWELS! 我也想那麼大!! 我的皇冠珠寶!

想像一下當我在2019年8月7日美麗的一天突然在FB Messenger收到歌迷會委員會成員Agatha的來信時會有多驚訝!我既震驚又驚訝!我記得 Agatha 的名字,但當時並不能立刻想起她的樣子!這其中已經飄過了多麼漫長的時光,我的記憶被擊敗了!她禮貌地告訴我,她想知道我過得怎麼樣,想問一問是否有可能舉行聚會,並與我們委員會的其他成員一起在9月為我舉辦生日聚會!但因為我當時已經提前安排了其他的生日聚會,也有一些工作及其他活動,我們最終把聚會安排在了10月23日。這天也剛好是我舅舅的生日!之前我也剛剛安排了在10月21日與我現在的年輕粉絲一起吃生日晚餐,他們有的年齡只有19歲!像我的GRANDCHILDREN!我希望也能給他們帶來積極的影響!那將是我的福氣!

過去的14位歌迷會委員會成員中有11位出席了聚會,當我看到他們的時候,那真是完美演繹了何所謂時光倒流… 非常非常可愛… Lam碰巧問我那天晚上晚餐有什麼安排,我感到驚訝的是他也願意來!他通常會怕附近有那麼多喧鬧聲,但他有興趣與我過去的歌迷會委員會成員見面,所以我認為每個人比見到我更開心的是見到了Lam!哈哈哈
這一切令我們想起了過去那些輕鬆愉快的日子,多謝委員會成員所有的努力!!謝謝……謝謝大家!!我們吃了印尼菜.. 非常美味。我很高興看到這個小組中的所有人都成長得很好,每個人看起來都非常健康和快樂,有出色的工作,有些人結婚了.. 不是很多… 哈哈哈… 而且他們告訴我,好像我施了什麼魔咒,我的許多粉絲都還沒有結婚! Aiyoooo … 每個人都處在身心健康蓬勃的狀態!有些人走過了艱難的時期,但也因為經歷了風雨而變得更健康智慧強大!看到每個人的頭腦,身體和精神都和諧統一而卓越令人感覺倍受鼓舞!

我從未有過自己的孩子,但是在美好而豐盈的生活中,我有幸有了不同年紀性別的很多孩子,這感覺就像一個非常幸福的大家庭!即使並沒有血緣關係,任何人都可以慷慨,友善,富有同理心,並與我們親近——只要我們允許它發生,並讓愛輕鬆自如地流動!如果整個世界都是這樣… 我們都將生活在和平與和諧之中!

能夠彼此連結,並不受時間限制,這真是太美好了!!!希望我們能夠永遠與我的新粉絲們,一些非常年輕的,現在的粉絲們,以及那些從過去歸來的朋友們聚在一起。愛,溝通和理解… 是神奇的鑰匙!


請看我們發布的照片… 以及我以前歌迷會的照片.. 哈哈哈.. 它們有趣又令人興奮!!!謝謝你們.. Hey.. 我們所有人看起來仍然很棒是不是??? !!!