Hello Everyone Friends and Fans!!

Wanted to share my turtle story with you all as I feel it is a befitting time to all that is happening around us now. It was a very “simple” & sweet but deeply meaningful experience… I am fortunate to have met 3 or 4 turtles already. I am reminded of the wise “WU GUEY” character in the Kung Fu Panda movie. WU GUEY has much wisdom & perseverance which is what he represents.. WISDOM, which takes patient depth, and time, to germinate, develop, and grow.. with the Universe’s divine timing. Turtles are never impatient and just lets things BE.. they tend to themselves, don’t bother anyone.. but they live prosperous long lives.. When I run into my turtles, they are really just patiently waiting & existing.. just BEING.. with no anxiety whatsoever.. having travelled far and away from their habitat & water supply.. well.. until I try to go and pick them up! Then they adoringly freak out, but very peacefully & strategically, try to defend themselves.

These turtles I have been blessed to encounter on my beloved nature-walk golf games in Kau Sai Chau in Sai Kung. The 1st time, one turtle only wandered a few meters away from the pond nearby and without thinking I just picked him up and put him back in the water. I assume he was delighted.

The 2nd was quite significant because I MIS-hit a drive and my ball landed near to very thick and dense bushes. I went to look for my ball by the bushes and discovered a medium sized WU GUEY who buried himself halfway in the dirt digging a small shallow trench maybe having struggled or trying to walk. He was miles and miles away from his water supply! His body was just facing a few inches from the dense bushes and if he got in there.. I’m afraid he might not make it out.. I don’t know how long turtles can last outside of water.. but his shell looked dry and cracked from the burning sun. I didn’t have anything with me so I screamed for my caddie for a carrier of some kind and he ran a good 80 odd yards to get to me. As soon as I tried to pick up the turtle, he shrunk back into his shell quite frightened, they have quite long sharp claws and no teeth but he kept snapping his mouth at me. I tried to let him know I was FRIENDLY! I took him to the golf cart and went to find water right away but poured some of my drinking water on top of his head 1st and he seemed to really appreciate enjoying the fresh water supply.. He kept sticking his head out and opening his mouth for the water.. he seemed to relax and display all his paws out of his shell. The golf course is huge & there was no pond in sight when U needed one! As I was thinking this.. divine timing came our way when the course Marshal drove up and asked me what we are looking at. I asked my friends to keep on playing and I asked the kind Marshal to please drive me to the closest pond to direct our dear shell friend back home. Usually courses have a lot of water hazards to deter our golf game, but this course had almost none so we had to drive to a different course to find one. When we drove near to the water, the turtle instinctively knew and promptly started to struggle in my hands anxiously.. so much so when I was trying to take him out of the bag, he accidentally turned upside down and revealed his beautiful GODLY created underbelly design! See pic below! A sight to behold.. but quickly turned the poor guy back over. He couldn’t wait to get in the water so I kind of goaded him in (as you can hear from the video) He sprinted, & dived into the water with a big splash! He didn’t turn around to wave goodbye but I was delighted for him!

“My beautiful motif is of Gods Divine creation! We are all so beautifully hand crafted by the Universe and each one of us is uniquely SPECIAL!” “我漂亮的花紋是上天的傑作!我們都是上天和宇宙親手精心雕刻的作品,每一位都是特別的!”

The 3rd time I was playing on the South course and another player pointed out a turtle in the scorching SUN trudging along looking lost.. he was also heading for the bushes! I quickly ran over and thinking more experienced with turtles now.. picked him right up and he also shrank into his shell.. this time water was very near by.. but before the water was thick tall, dense bushes and I didn’t know how to get him home. I decided to get some fun photos with this one.. He was very special.. I had to hit my shot before returning him to water after my shot…I put him down and he didn’t move an inch! He stuck his head out to see what I was doing and revealed a beautiful face with a distinctive RED lightning rod feature! Maybe he’s from the AVENGER MOVIE! I then promptly took him to the pond and while I was trying to navigate the thick bushes to put him close to the water struggling to take a video too.. but he enthusiastically LEAPED out of my hand and plunged deep deep down.. so that was it! IRONMAN TURTLE!

Hi Everyone! My new Pal Wu Guey! Say HI!! 大家好!這是我的新朋友烏龜!Say HI!!

Kinda heavy and he’s very SHY! 有點重,他非常害羞!

“Can U see my underbelly better! Still hiding!” “你們能更容易看到我肚子上的花紋嗎!還在藏著!”

“Look at my beautiful red lightning rod! Special feature for my adorable face!” “快來看我美麗的紅色避雷針圖案!在我臉上的獨特印記!”

It is always unbelievable to see all these beautiful creatures of nature! It puts everything in our lives back to perspective and its natural state! We can all accumulate and breed our wisdom to make the wisest and beneficial choices in our lives, for ourselves, for the loves closest to us, and most of all, for the LOVE of the GREATER good for all mankind! Let us be like the Turtle who is wise, docile, friendly, peaceful, patient, brave, resilient, in harmony with nature, and a solid creature of adaptation! We need to learn to be as patient & persevere as the WU GUEY! We need to have TRUST, FAITH & CONFIDENCE, that all GOOD SHALL and WILL PREVAIL!

Love U All! Sally!!!​​​​

Hello 朋友們和粉絲們大家好!!

想和大家分享我的烏龜故事,因為我感覺現在剛好是一個對的時間來分享,尤其我們身邊發生著這麼多事。這是一個非常“簡單”並甜蜜,但又充滿深刻含義的體驗。我很幸運已經遇到過3或4只烏龜了。這令我想起了在電影 “功夫熊貓 ”中的充滿智慧的烏龜大師那個角色。電影中的烏龜大師有很多智慧和毅力恆心,而這也正是烏龜所代表的……智慧必須經過極富耐心的培育方能生發出深度,再加上時間的積累,依照著宇宙智慧特別頒發的時間表,才會發芽,發展和成長…… 烏龜永遠不會感到不耐煩,只是讓事情如其所意的發生…… 他們照顧好自己,不打擾他人,但同時又享受著富足而長長的生命。每當我遇到我的烏龜們,他們真的總是在耐心地等待著,存在著,只是平和地做著自己而已。即使已經離開居住的水源很遠,他們也並沒有表現出任何焦慮,直到我試著去撿起他們!那時候他們才可愛地有點緊張,但也一直都是平和的,有計謀的,僅僅是試圖保護自己而已。

第二個很不一般。我打偏了一個球,球落到了非常茂密的灌木叢旁邊。我去灌木叢邊上找球,發現了一隻中等大小的烏龜,他差不多把自己半埋在泥土中,試圖挖了一個小淺溝出來,可能已經掙扎了不少時間,或者試圖行走。他距離水源還有幾英里遠!他的身體距離鬱鬱蔥蔥的灌木叢只有幾英寸,如果他進去那裡……我擔心他可能就出不來了……我不知道烏龜能在水外堅持多久……但是他的外殼看起來很乾燥,一直被火熱的太陽照射著,已經裂開了。我什麼都沒有帶在身邊,所以尖叫著喊我的球童拿一個可以裝他的器皿過來,球童跑了80多碼拿給我。我剛剛動手去拾起他,他就縮回了殼裡,有點怕怕的 ……他們有很長的鋒利的爪子,沒有牙齒,但他一直伸嘴吐向我。我試著讓他知道我是友好的!我把他帶到高爾夫球車上,然後立刻去找水,不過我先把一些飲用水倒在他的頭頂上,他似乎非常感激新鮮的水源,不停地伸出頭來張嘴喝水… 他看上去放鬆了下來,現在願意把所有的爪子都伸到殼外了。高爾夫球場非常大,當你需要池塘的時候,一眼望去根本找不到…… 當我正想這些的時候…… 猶如天助,一位球場巡場員開車追上我們,詢問我在尋找什麼。我讓我的朋友們繼續打球,我請那位巡場員開車載我到最近的池塘,把我們親愛的殼殼朋友送回家。通常球場上都會設立水障,給我們打球增加難度,但這個球場幾乎沒有,所以我們不得不開車到另一個球場才找到一個池塘。當我們駕高爾夫球車到靠近水的地方,烏龜本能地就知道,立刻開始焦急地在我手中掙扎…… 當我試圖將他從袋子裡拿出來時,他意外地翻了個身,從而展示了他那由天賦予的美妙的腹部花紋圖案!見下圖!這絕對是令人嘆為觀止的一幕……但當然很快的我幫他翻過身來。他已經迫不及待地想要回到水里,所以我不停地鼓勵他,給他助威 (你們可以在視頻裡聽到)。他看起來像是在衝刺,最終撲通一躍跳入水中!他頭也不回地走了,沒有講再見,但我很為他高興!

第三次我在南場打球,另一名球員在炎熱的太陽炙烤中發現一隻烏龜,他看上去迷了路,蹣跚而行,也是朝著灌木叢爬去了!我很快就跑過去,想著對於照顧烏龜我已經有了更多經驗……所以我直接把他撿了起來,而他也縮進了殼裡……這次水源很近了……但在水前有一片茂密的叢林,我不知道如何把他送回家。我決定和這位好好玩一下… 他非常特別.. 我不得不先打一個球之後才能把它送回水里,所以就先把他放下,他連一英寸都沒有動!他把頭伸了出來,想看看我在做什麼……從而露出了他漂亮的臉蛋,臉上帶著一個獨特的紅色避雷針圖案!也許他來自復活者聯盟電影!接著我立即把他帶去池塘,我在厚厚的灌木叢中小心前進,以把他帶到距離水近的地方……同時掙扎著想要也拍一個視頻,但他激情滿滿地從我的手中一躍而出,深深潛入水底.. 所以就是這樣啦! 鐵人烏龜!

Love U All! Sally!!!

September 12, 2019