Dear Everyone at the Macau meeting!

It was so nice to see and know everyone at a much deeper level, even though we still didn’t quite have enough time. Hope we can have future meetings like this although I know how hard it is for all of you to fly over to see me from all over China, Macau, HKG or wherever. The meeting in Macau was only for those who happened to come to Macau to see Lamusical, but I hope we can make a specific TIME to meet one of these days and it would be a great chance for me to know more of our Fans and Friends from all over this way!
I really hope our meeting was beneficial and HAPPY for everyone who was there.. For those of you that didn’t receive the ThinkACTPOSITVE Frame in Macau I PROMISE you will get one the next time we meet! We just didn’t manage to carry so many to Macau on this trip!
The whole point of this gathering was to let everyone introduce themselves, speak your own mind, and share my own life experiences with all of you. Remember you are all special in every way, and I hope you realize that with heart and determination and knowing that we are all one and the same, you will be able to get through life’s challenges, if you remain POSITIVE, HOPEFUL, with much FAITH and TRUST in the Universe to bring that to you.. I’m so happy we could have such great interaction with each other.. rather than just taking and signing photos. I hope we will have more gatherings like this in the future!

I have something to ask of all of you too! I would like you to please write how you felt about the gathering this time also. I also want to know if you feel any different or what you might do or consider doing after you left the gathering? I want to hear your feedback! Thank you so much! Please do write to us and let us know! Keep in touch and let’s make a date to meet again! I hope we will be able to get a bigger group next time!!

Best always and STAY HAPPY!!!! TAP TAP TAP!!! SALLY!


儘管我們仍沒能有足夠的時間,但是很開心這次有機會在更深層次上認識並了解每個人。希望在未來我們可以舉辦更多這樣的聚會,雖然我知道你們所有人從內地,澳門,香港或者其他地方飛來看我並不容易。這次那些碰巧來澳門看 Lamusical 的人參加了澳門的聚會,但我希望在之後我們可以找特定的時間再見面,這樣我可以有機會見到和認識更多來自各地的我們的粉絲和朋友們。

我真的希望我們的聚會對每位出席的人都有益而且是令大家開心的。對於那些在澳門沒有收到ThinkACTPOSITVE 框架的人,我承諾下次見面時你會得到一個!我們這次沒能帶那麼多到澳門!



Best always and STAY HAPPY!!!! TAP TAP TAP!!! SALLY!

July 7, 2019