Singing with Legends

Lam & Ms. Yang Yun Qing Sunnee Singing Pung Gsuek OY (憑著愛) on Shanghai TV “Singing with Legends” Season 3 .. what a beautiful song to start the Series.. I’m SO EXCITED because LOVE is what the WORLD NEEDS MOST NOW.. and we always NEED TO SPREAD THE LOVE.. LOVE HOLDS the HEART TOGETHER where ALL OF US ARE CONNECTED & UNITED AS ONE❣️❣️ It doesn’t matter WHAT OR HOW U SING.. as LONG as U SING WITH YOUR HEART and BURSTING WITH LOVE & PASSION OF LIFE and FOR LIFE❣️❣️ I WISH U BOTH A GREAT PERFORMANCE and I’m REALLY SO JOYOUS and PROUD that LAM is sharing his LOVE with the YOUNG and UPCOMING GREAT TALENTS and We are on the other side of the TV looking forward to Sharing ALL YOUR LOVE WITH YOU..WE WILL FEEL the HEART & LOVE U send to ALL OF US❣️❣️❣️🥳🥳🥳 HAVE FUN❣️❣️

LAM 和楊芸晴女士在上海東方衛視 “我們的歌” 第三季演唱憑著愛.. 多麼美麗的歌來開始這個系列.. 我很興奮,因為愛是世界現在最需要的.. 我們總是需要傳播愛 .. 愛將人們的心連在一起,令大家彼此連結,團結如一人❣️❣️無論我們唱什麼或如何去唱.. 只要你用心唱歌,在歌聲中註滿愛和對生活的熱情❣️❣️ 我希望你們兩個都有出色的表現!我真的很開心和自豪,因為阿LAM正在與年輕的新生代優秀人才分享他的愛!我們在電視的另一邊期待著與你分享你所有的愛.. 我們會感受到你傳遞給大家的心意和愛❣️❣️❣️🥳🥳🥳 玩得開心❣️❣️


Episode 1 第一集: