Miraculous Creature!!

Dear All Fans and Friends!!

I have a very incredible, DIVINE experience to share with everyone! I do feel this is a very special event to be able to behold and see such a DIVINE VISION! I feel blessed and I hope you will be blessed too after you see it! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Actually I have experienced many a situation where I really feel I am being touched or watched by GOD & Angels in so many ways.. and feel so blessed. I feel they happen for a reason.. for me to sharpen my senses and awaken to the beautiful world we live in! We can all do the same! TO realize how BLESSED WE ALL TRULY ARE!!

I usually play golf on Thursdays and it’s my precious chance once a week to get out into the open air to see and feel the raw earth, water, sky, clouds, Mountains and all of GODS adorable creatures. It’s really lovely to see butterflies of every color and size, dragonflies, BIG turtles, FISH, even a giant MOTH once and my experiences with several of them have been equally ceremonious and Divine!

On this special day on July 25th, Thursday, I was playing on the East course of Kau Sai Chau Course in Clearwater Bay and I had hit one ball and lost it. I was quite upset at myself for hitting too right and into the bushes, so I went over there to go look for my ball. I was already anticipating whether I would see a divine vision or not as it actually has happened a few times already. But this day was supremely special above all others! I’ve always enjoyed all the creatures, and Dragonflies were starting to come out this week and I always love seeing them! When I reached the bushes on the side, I happen to see ONE dragonfly flying about and I noticed this one was so beautifully colored! She had a LAVENDER BODY and a TURQUOISE HEAD! I was SO SHOCKED!! It was a true MIRACLE.. so while it was flying around me I started screaming in delight and what is more amazing is that it STOPPED in front of me on a flower and decided to stay there! I was very excited and started to panic because I didn’t have a phone with me.. but I looked around and saw my cart partner and screamed to him.. GET ME MY PHONE! He literally ran 75 yards to give me the phones. At that moment I thought my screaming would scare the Purple Dragon beauty away, but she STAYED.. and I managed to get SO MANY photos and angles of her & even let me get UP CLOSE! I kept my golf friends waiting.. even the players behind us were starting to get impatient but I just HAD to persevere to take as many photos as I could and she stood there to let me do it for as long as I wanted to and didn’t fly away until I finally & reluctantly left her side! This MOMENT was truly a GIFT FROM GOD so I hope you will all enjoy seeing this incredible creation of Mother Nature, the UNIVERSE, and her ASTONISHING WONDERS!

I looked up Purple Dragonfly on the internet and I cannot even see a real one! I know I was gift to see a MIRACLE and I know more will come for me to share with all of you! Please be aware for the UNIVERSE’s connection and share if you have any experiences! I actually have a few stories to tell! Hope I can share those with you too! Please see the amateur photos of the breathtaking Purple Beautiful Dragonfly! Sorry for the poor photography as I had my golf gloves on while working my phone camera and the sun was so bright & I was so excited so might be a bit SHAKY!! As I write this.. it is 2.22PM!!! I finished at 2.33PM!

Please tell me how you guys all feel about it.. but please write to the general comments board below so we can all share! Thank you ALL!


Dear All Fans and Friends!!

我有一個非常不可思議的,天賜的經歷來和大家分享!我感覺有機會看到並且記錄下如此神奇的景象是很特別的一件事!我感覺很有福氣,希望你們看到後也會覺得很有福氣!當時我甚至不能相信我所看到的!事實上,我經歷了很多事物,讓我覺得我有被上天和天使以各種不同的方式感動和看護着,感到自己很幸運。我覺得它們的發生是有原因的… 讓我銳化我的感官,喚醒我去深刻感知我們生活着的這個美麗世界!我們都可以這樣做 —— 意識到我們所有人真的都是被祝福和眷顧的!


在7月25日星期四這個特殊的日子裡,我正在清水灣滘西洲高爾夫球場的東場打球。我擊中了一個球,之後就找不到它了。我非常沮喪自己因為擊球太向右的方向而將球打到了灌木叢中,所以我去那裡尋找我的球。我已經在想我是否會看到一些神奇的景象,因為這實際上已經發生了幾次。但是這一天所發生的比其他所有的都更加珍貴!我一直很熱愛所有的生物,本週蜻蜓開始越來越多出來,我總是喜歡看到她們!當我到達旁邊的灌木叢時,我碰巧看到一隻蜻蜓飛來飛去,我注意到她的顏色非常漂亮!她有一個薰衣草紫色的身體和一個湖藍色的腦袋!我被震驚了!! 這是一個真正的奇蹟 .. 所以當它圍繞著我飛來飛去時,我開始高興地尖叫。更令人驚奇的是它停在我面前的一朵花上,並決定停留在那裡!我很興奮,甚至開始感覺有些慌張,因為我沒有帶電話在身上.. 但我環顧四周,看到我的球友,於是尖叫著請他拿電話給我!他跑了75碼幫我拿電話。那一刻,我以為我的尖叫聲會嚇跑美麗的紫蜻蜓,但她一直停在那沒動……我設法從各個角度拍了很多她的照片,甚至得以靠得她很近去拍照!我讓我的球朋友們等著……即使是我們後面的那隊球員已經開始有些不耐煩了,但我仍然堅持不懈地拍攝盡盡可能多的照片。而她就一直停留在那裡讓我盡情的拍照,直到我最終不得不非常不情願的離開,她都還沒有飛走!這個時刻真的是一個來自上天的禮物,所以我希望你們都會喜歡看到這個令人難以置信的大自然,宇宙和她的驚人的奇蹟!

我試圖在互聯網上查找紫蜻蜓,但甚至找不到真正的一隻!我知道得以看到這個奇蹟是一個禮物,也相信我會看到更多並和你們分享!請關注上天和宇宙與你們的連結,如果你們有任何體驗,請和我們大家分享!我其實還有幾個故事要講!希望我也能與你分享!請看令人震驚的紫色美麗蜻蜓的照片(由業餘攝影師所拍攝,哈哈)!很抱歉照片的質量不高,因為我在用手機拍照的時後戴着高爾夫手套… 太陽很大很晃眼,我很興奮,所以手有些抖!當我開始寫這封信的時候,是下午2點22分 !!! 我在下午2點33分寫完了!

請告訴我你們各位的感受.. 但請寫在下面的公開留言板,以便我們大家一起分享!謝謝你們!


July 30, 2019