Dear Fans and Friends!

It was so great to see you all at the Malaysian Astro Singing Competition which I got an eye-opening blast at how professional the Astro Production team was.. I was so overwhelmed by their acute organization, so well prepared, providing me all details in a perfect way. I also enjoyed the other judges and thought they were great to work with, so friendly, smart, and very tough too! I loved all the Contestants and thought they all worked so HARD, sang so WELL, and were really professionals as well as being so very nice! In a grand nutshell, I had a GREAT TIME and EXPERIENCE! I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to meet so many Professional Artists and Administration, on both sides of the spectrum, from backstage admin to dancers etc.. It was all profoundly wonderful and invigorating!

It was also so heartwarming to see my long time devoted Fans up front & personal with an in depth intimate chat + Q & A. I think it’s important to answer what’s in your minds and hearts.. so I really wish I would have thought of this years and years ago.. but I guess I also need the experience in life to be able to give you this kind of connection as well.. we all have to have a time and place! But I will surely work closely with all of you from now on and hope we can do something great and learn together.

I will continue to work on ThinkACTPOSITVE and hope we can all be of strong INFLUENCE in our daily THINKING, ACTIONS and MOTIVATIONS to be KIND, LOVING and COMPASSIONATE to ourselves and other people.. even if they might not seem that way to us.. the POWER OF INFLUENCE is very important, therefore, we must COLLECTIVELY BE POSITIVE in order to achieve such an endeavor!

I am now going to work on Facebook and hope to have an occasional LIVE CHAT with everyone. We are thinking for a date in mid December and hope anyone who would have a question for me.. or would like to have a chat, would, and can join us. I would like to have a chance to share what I hope ThinkACTPOSITVE, our TAP can achieve! I am not going to force anyone against their Will.. so I will let you all decide and think how we can collectively do some good in a not quite perfect World right now. Our Earth and World is not in the best of health right now. It is important that we all collectively try to nurse it back to GOOD MENTAL HEALTH, but in order to affect anyone else.. we first have to ensure our OWN mental health is in the BEST CONDITION POSSIBLE, so let’s work on ourselves first!!! Creating SELF AWARENESS is KEY to a great HEALTHY Mind and Body for our AWAKENING!!

OK.. that’s about it for now.. Hope you can enjoy our photos.. I had a great time and Miss U all.. STAY HAPPY and LOVING! TAP TAP TAP yourself every day to remind yourselves to ThinkACTPOSITVE!

PS.. Our WEBSITE for TAP ThinkACTPOSITVE will be conducting the FB LIVE CHAT event on that Site..( I will do my hair and make up for this chat!! ) so please wait for my great team to set that up and I will write an introductory WELCOME for everyone to join us on that site and please ask your friends and family to join also because U don’t have to be a FAN of MINE to join.. hahaa.. HAPPINESS and LOVING IS FOR EVERYONE from ALL WALKS OF LIFE.. ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME from ANY COUNTRY ANY RELIGION or ANY COLOUR. There is only ONE CONDITION! That you must be LOVING, KIND and COMPASSIONATE… even if you are not happy it is OK.. you are welcome to join so we can make our best effort to give all our love and support to help you make yourself HAPPY.. but we hope you would love all of us as we would love you too!! Take care! See Ya ALL SOON!!!





我也很感動見到長期支持我的粉絲,並有機會同大家進行面對面的親密聊天 + 回答問題。我認為和你們進行心與心的對話很重要,很多年以前我就應該已經想到這樣做了… 但我想我也需要時間經歷人生積累經驗,才能達成和你們以這樣的方式溝通連結… 所以一切都有自己的時間表!但從現在開始,我一定會和大家密切合作,希望我們可以一起做一些有益的事情,並在這個過程中共同學習。
我將繼續致力於 ThinkACTPOSITVE的相關工作,並希望在日常的思維、行動和動機上,我們能一直保持對自己和他人抱持善意,愛心和同理心,並通過如此令自己為身邊的人帶來正面影響,即使在他們還不能完全如此這般對待我們的時候,我們也要這樣做,因為彼此影響的力量非常重要。所以,我們一定要共同努力,保持正面積極,才能最終達成目標!

我現在會在Facebook上開設 TAP 網頁,並希望可以在那上面偶爾和大家實時聊天。現在我們計劃的時間是在12月中旬,如果任何人有問題想問我,或者僅僅是想聊天,都可以加入我們。我希望有機會和大家分享我對 ThinkACTPOSITVE,我們的 TAP 最終可達成目標的願景!當然我不會強迫任何人做自己不想做的事情,所以會請你們自己做決定,思考我們如何可以在現在這個不那麼完美的世界一起做一些有益的事情。我們的地球和世界現在並不是在最健康的狀態。如果我們所有人能共同努力將其護理回良好的心理和心靈狀態,那將是再好不過的事,但若想要影響他人,我們必須先保證自己的心靈是在最好的狀態,所以先讓我們做好自己!!清醒的自我覺知是實現健康身心及心靈覺醒的關鍵!!

好了,先寫到這裡… 希望你們喜歡我們分享的照片.. 這次旅程非常開心,想念你們所有人… 保持快樂和愛心! TAP TAP!! 每天都要提醒自己ThinkACTPOSITVE!

PS ..我們將在正在創建中,之後會開設的 TAP ThinkACTPOSITVE Facebook Page 上面進行實時聊天活動..(為了這個聊天我會去做頭髮及化妝!)所以請等待我的優秀團隊開設好網頁後,我會再寫信介紹那個網頁給大家並且邀請大家加入,也請你們邀請自己的家人朋友加入,因為不需要是我的粉絲都可以加入… 哈哈… 幸福和愛心是生活中所有人都需要的… 任何國家,宗教,膚色和種族的人都歡迎!唯一的條件是 —— 你必須要有愛,善良,有同理心。即使你現在不開心,也沒關係,你可以加入我們,而我們會儘自己最大的努力,付出愛和支持,幫你令自己開心起來… 但我希望你會愛我們,就像我們會愛你們所有人一樣!! 保重! 很快就會見到大家了!!!