About TAP

ThinkACTPOSITVE, affectionately abbreviated, TAP, with the Chinese “愛的可能” (AI DE KE NENG): Take action to devise simple and random acts of kindness for, either the people we love, or the people we don’t even know, or to GIVE BACK to those whom have at one time shown us kindness in some way. Anything to spread the love! To speak, and act, with KINDNESS, with the best and most loving intentions at all possible. Even if you are not in the best of moods. The most important part is, NOT TO EXPECT ANYTHING BACK!

ThinkACTPOSITVE, 並有愛地將它縮寫為 TAP, 中文口號是“愛的可能”:  在日常生活中,採取行動,帶給我們所愛的人,甚至是我們不認識的人,簡單而隨意的善舉,或者對那些曾經以某種方式賦予我們善意的人們予以回報。任何傳播愛的方式都可以! 懷著盡可能最好、最有愛的意圖,充滿善意地講話或行動,即使是在你心情不夠好的時候。 最重要的是, 不要期待任何回報!