May 17, 2020

I was mentally preparing for a pre planned treacherous hike with my frequent hiker pals (all aged under 40 except 1..besides ME!) What can I expect from a name like “Suicide Cliff”? (About “Suicide Cliff”: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.journeyera.com/kowloon-peak-hike-suicide-cliff/amp/) Ratings being “family friendly” & “moderate” difficulty. Ughhh….I had already hiked a previous 6 out of 10 rating 12 Kilometer mountain hike + 3 kilometers on flat ground to dinner which almost crashed my DNA. Friends made me work hard to eat!

Last Sunday, May 3, was 31 degrees outside, hot blazing sun, as we drove the long contemplative drive from HK to Sha Tin starting point at 2:00PM. My friends accommodated me to start late at 2:30PM cos I pleaded we can end up cooler! We were dropped off at the edge of an industrial overpass in the scorching sun, to meet our fellow hiking members, and I’m wondering I don’t see ANY mountains.. just streets & bridges. When I asked “where’s the mountain?, they point up high & way beyond all the huge apartment towers blocking the way.. to some VERY intimidating MASSIVE mountains! I took a BIG GULP of stifling HOT AIR. OMG.. how come we didn’t just drop off at foot of mountain? Everyone ignored me. Lucky I brought my sun reflecting GOLF umbrella.. My savior. Grudgingly stopped from complaining further, we proceeded to hike more than a mile just to get to the bottom of the mountain. I was huffing and puffing (only me) on these lower road hills just to get to the bottom START POINT of the VV HIGH MOUNTAIN. I was already exhausted and even HUNGRY but I already ate a big sandwich! It was FRIGGIN HOT..

FINALLY.. we got to the bottom of the MAIN MOUNTAIN.. I was almost in tears b4 I started! I was already miserable trying to take the 1st steps going up what seemed such a steep staircase… I only managed about 100 excruciating meters …. and then.. I just couldn’t go any further.. BOO HOO! My friend was trying to push from behind, even pulling me by my umbrella, but the big OX just could not move! I wanted to vomit. The rest of the group disappeared above us already. Many hikers much older than me climbing swiftly past (so embarrassing!). At that moment, I waved my white flag and threw in the towel in shameful DEFEAT.. I’ve climbed more difficult routes, but it was just so hot I couldn’t breathe.

So I dizzily announced to my friend I MUST GIVE UP and leave the group so I don’t pull them back. He was so determined to help me, but noticed my lips were turning BLUE. He was kind to take me back 100 meters, & I managed to push him back to his friends.. I gave him all my drinks, and took only 1 small bottle of water. When I saw him walk back, I felt deflated while drowning in sweat & disappointment. I wondered how my friends would make it up as it was supposed to be a 4 to 5 hour hike, and how I was going to make it home b4 sundown. I had NO IDEA where the heck I was, in HK or KLN even. I started walking aimlessly down the hill to find some life.

Just letting U know how I looked that day. I got down from the Mountain area and started looking for a direction to go in!

I have the worst GPS system and can turn the wrong direction getting off a LIFT. I suddenly felt excited as I remembered when I was in New Zealand shooting a movie, had a day off alone, so I rented a car and start driving somewhere I didn’t plan, with no schedule, no direction, expecting nothing, but hoping for pleasant surprises. I ended up on a beautiful homes area with lovely sea views, nature, and bought a lunch to eat, had a great time and found my way back just trusting to follow my heart.
Walking back down about 15 minutes, feeling much better now, I saw a bus stop wishing I knew which bus to take since Lam was such a fan. Not brave enough. I decided to try walking back to where we were dropped off. There were many underpasses for pedestrians so I quieted my heart to guide me in the right direction. I was feeling the soft warm breeze but blazing sun, and was happy again for my friend, UMBRELLA. I started to get a pace going and after about 20 minutes discovered a lovely tree lined cycling path next to a walking path with a river view. VERY NICE!!

My beautiful NATURE & TREE LINED Bike Path! How Divinely fortunate for me to end up walking on this amazing path! I was so HAPPY!

Time was about 3:15PM. I thought hey.. I came here to hike..I might have failed to climb the mountain, but I can still walk on this beautiful path, so I started exploring my own exciting journey. I kept my pace and after 25 minutes, suddenly had to go to the bathroom, thinking where in the world would I ever FIND ONE!! The oasis appeared miraculously, walking right past a public sports facility with incredibly clean bathrooms and FREE TOILET PAPER! I felt SO BLESSED!!

I now felt like I had an ENERGY BURST…I just kept on going enjoying just everything in my path & didn’t feel like HK was in a pandemic or state of emergency at all… I only realize wow.. HK pple are so healthy! It felt VERY FRESH! Birds were flying and singing, happy families with children chatting & exercising, just living LIFE.

By 4 something… I started thinking of how I was going to get home.. I had played with MTR thought but was worried bout my GPS, but keen for the adventure of finding my way home. I stopped to ask a resting biker texting. Still staring at his phone, he told me there is NO MTR around here. NO MTR? IN HK? HOW? I said Thank you and asked another resting biker. He looked at me very puzzled, thinking hard and said the same, no MTR around here.. U have to go into the other side, where the buildings are. I just didn’t believe it.. HK has MTR’s everywhere! Trudging on.. I saw the bike path winding to a right winding down turn somewhere further so followed my heart LEFT out onto a main street instead with busy traffic whizzing by. Seeing a big traffic sign for Kowloon East with a TUNNEL so at least I’m near a tunnel! I kept going, and finally saw THE SIGN! I quickly sent a photo & text to my PA Rebecca who thought I was still on the mountain, Is this an MTR sign? Does that mean an MTR is nearby? She text back YES!! Yayyy!!


I galloped ahead and reached….TA DAAAA… at 4:59pm arrived at Che Kung Temple Station!!!! I made it!

HERE IT IS! TA DAAAA!!! I finally reached the Station! MIRACLE OASIS!!

From there it was super FUN.. I consulted Becca for my route..she directed me to explore the big route board to go from Che Kung to Diamond Hill Green..to Prince Edward Red.. to Admiralty Blue, to CWB then Exit A to Times Square.

WOW What a MAP! My Route is so clear and concise! GPS Dummy can make it HOME!! So much GRATITUDE!! I go GREEN to BLUE!

Haha My First STOP ! SO COOL! To Diamond Hill! 1st Stop!

2nd Train.. this confused me abit.. Which one.? Hmm…I thot was Kwun Tong.. but I know I shouldn’t go THERE… actually it’s Whampoa to switch to my 3rd train! After Consulting Rebecca! Thank you!


I thought Exit A was another train but it was a long, winding underground walk to the exit and there I was, emerging in Times Square!

HALLELUJAH after 1 hour ride!!! Out of Exit A at Times Square! So Fast & Convenient! We R So Lucky!!! I didn’t take anymore photos after the Whampoa because was running after every train after that! Hahaha.. Fast Commuting! Times Square was my 5th and final destination!

It was about 6:00PM by then and total cost for such a long journey by MTR only $16 total!!! How amazing is that!? Taking a 2 hour walk, & 1 hour travel on public transport half way around HK Island with only 1 small bottle of water, & $16 HKD?? I don’t think we can find this anywhere in the world!! When I got to TS, I still had some energy left so I decided to walk home & even went up a big hill just to make up for the hill I didn’t climb.. I made it home by 7:00PM & went to the hospital to eat with Mom. Perfect!

From Times Square walk home❣️ 😆😆 Up da hill 🥵🥵

Walking home from Times Square n Becca spots me from 32 flr hospital window!! Can anyone find Sally? 🤣🤣 🤓🤓

What could have been a completely miserable HOT day turned into a most DIVINELY ENCHANTING exciting experiences I’ve had in a long while!!! I started alone in unknown territory, and all I did was follow my heart & gut, TRUSTING with FAITH that the Universe, & Becca, would gently guide me back home! It was truly invigorating!

Another happy discovery & appreciation was how efficiently well planned many districts are. All were immensely clean, well managed, different color tone for each station, impossible to get lost, and bustling travellers were proper, law abiding, all having a happy Sunday with their friends and loved ones. I have to say each station was People Mountain, People Sea. The whole of HK takes the MTR bcos it’s just a wonderfully efficient & privilege mode of transport! The endless, beautiful, winding, nature rich bike and walking path, with the vast river accent is meticulously designed for the people of HK to enjoy, the leisure exercise with several small parks off-side the paths to enjoy, very clean restrooms, under freeway pedestrian crossings to shopping malls & apartment complexes opposite the health boosting outdoors provided.

HK is actually so compact.. it’s probably not easy to get lost, as all roads are designed so meticulously. Everything is so accessible and there is a FLOW of what is natural and manmade merging together in remarkable harmony.. but most of all .. it’s all so enjoyable, even on such a hot, humid day. I felt so very BLESSED during this carefree journey, and realized that we all CREATE our OWN JOY! We can choose to be deflated and defeated by what seemed impossible for me, but, it was POSSIBLE to magically conjure another alternative and, I still enjoyed that burst of energy & accomplishment for a full two days after! What if we applied this to all aspects of our life!!?? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

As I reached the MTR, my friends also reached their beautiful HEAVEN IN HKG Destination! Look how amazingly beautiful this incredible view is!

As I find my MTR..my friends reach their destination❣️❣️😅😅 Look at heaven in Hong Kong❣️❣️

GOD’S GIFT of Sunset…I pretend that’s a skinny young me❣️❣️😅😅

Our youngest 16 year old hiking member❣️❣️🧚🏽‍♂‍🧚🏽‍♂‍🧚🏽‍♂‍ Isnt that just breathtaking?

Hong Kong is full of these abstract trails with fantastic mapping routes which provide GOD’s VIEW FROM HEAVEN ABOVE! We are so privileged to have so many stunning trails to walk with a unique experience on every trail not seen anywhere else.. there is so much to offer in Hong Kong and it will take a whole year to finish walking them.. I’m eager to explore and will get myself fitter and ready for the Autumn to tackle one a week!
Hey everyone.. if U have all read to the end of this long article, please see the song which I was inspired to post with the article… then it became a journey to tell a story after Vicky tenderly post some photos to go along with the video.. then we really got into it and put something we felt very interesting together.. hope you will like to share it with us and please share it with your friends and family too!

Thank youuuu ALL!!!!

Link to the Video I would like to share with all of you: https://www.facebook.com/yehsally/posts/10158121318053605

​​我之前在為一次計劃已久的高難度徒步做着心理準備,同行的是經常一起徒步的好友們(除了另外一個人以及我之外,其餘的人年紀都在40歲以下!)。對一個像 “Suicide Cliff (自殺懸崖)” 這樣的名字,我還能怎麼想呢?(關於 “Suicide Cliff” 更多信息,請訪問: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.journeyera.com/kowloon-peak-hike-suicide-cliff/amp/) 對它的評價是“家庭友好”且“中等”難度。嗯……我之前試過徒步走一次評分是6分(滿分10分)的12公里山地,然後為了去吃晚飯又多走了3公里平地,差點壓垮了我的DNA。我的朋友們讓我拚命運動才給我吃東西!


終!於!……我們到了主峰的腳下……都還沒開始徒步,我就差點要暴哭!才嘗試去爬第一級台階,我就覺得好苦啊,那些台階看起來真的很陡……我只走了一百多米吧……然後……就覺得再也走不了了……BOO HOO!我的朋友們試着從後面推我,甚至拉着我的傘拖我往前走,但我這頭壯牛根本就動不了!累到想吐。隊伍中其他人已經消失在我們上方。很多比我年長的人都很迅速地從我身邊走過(好丟人呀!)。那一刻,我只好舉白旗投降,把頭埋進毛巾里……其實我也曾經爬過比這更難的路線,但是那天實在是太熱了,簡直讓人喘不過氣。

於是我頭暈腦脹地對一個朋友說,我必須得放棄了,跟大家分開走,免得拖累其他人。他下定決心想幫我,但是他看到我的嘴唇都藍了, 於是好心地把我往回帶了一百米,我還是把他推回了他朋友身邊……我把我的飲料都給了他,只帶了一小瓶水。看到他往回走的時候,我覺得很泄氣,整個人淹沒在汗水和失望里。我想知道我的朋友們怎樣完成這段預計耗時四五個小時的徒步,以及我又該如何在日落之前回到家。我根本不知道自己到底在哪,是在港島還是九龍? 我開始漫無目的地往山下走看看是不是能看到些人,但我的方向感簡直宇宙最差,平時出個電梯都能走錯方向。不過我也突然感覺有點興奮,因為我回憶起曾經在新西蘭拍電影,不用開工的一天,我就租了一輛車,隨意地開,沒什麼計劃,沒有時間表,也沒有方向,沒什麼明確的目的地,但是希望能遇到驚喜。最後,我開到了一個很美的住宅區,有着怡人的海景和自然風光,買了午餐,度過了一段美好的時光,最後跟隨着內心走,找到了回去的路。



到四點多的時候……我開始思考該怎麼回家……我有想過坐地鐵,但是又擔心我糟糕的方向感,然而又暗暗期待這個找到回家路的冒險。我停下來問了一個正在路邊發信息的騎行者。他都沒抬頭,直接回答我說這附近沒有地鐵。沒有地鐵?在香港?怎麼會呢?我向他道了謝,然後問了另外一個正在休息的騎行者。他困惑地看着我,想了半天,給出了同樣的答案:這附近真沒有地鐵……你得往另一邊走,走去有樓的地方。我還是難以置信……香港明明到處都有地鐵!走着走着……看到單車道在前面向右轉了,於是我跟隨自己的心意,走出了單車道,來到了一條車水馬龍的主幹道上。我看到了一個醒目的九龍東的交通標誌,有一個隧道的符號,所以至少我都離隧道很近了!我繼續往前走,終於看到了那個標誌!我連忙拍了張照片,把圖片發給了我的助理Rebecca(她以為我還在山上),問她這是不是地鐵的標誌?這是不是代表附近就有地鐵了?她回信息給我說是的!!耶!!我飛奔向前走,終於到了……TA DAAA……在下午4:59分到達了車公廟站!!!!我做到啦!





當我到達地鐵站時,我的朋友們也到達了他們美麗的“香港天堂”目的地! 看看這個令人難以置信的景色多麼美麗!

香港到處都是這些抽象的行山徑,還有奇妙的地圖路線,可提供好似神從天而降的景緻! 我們非常榮幸能擁有如此多的令人驚嘆的行山徑,每條路徑都為步行者帶來獨特的體驗… 這在其他地方非常罕見。香港有太多的選擇,要花整整一年的時間才能走完所有這些路徑。我渴望繼續探索,令自己變得更健康,為到秋天的時候可以每週探索一條路徑而做好準備!

Hey everyone.. 如果您已經讀到了這篇長文章的結尾,那也請一定記得去看我被這次經歷啟發而想與這篇文章一起同大家分享的一首歌…… 在Vicky溫暖地在歌曲視頻中添加了一些照片之後,這變成了一個來講故事的旅程… 逐漸這,我們越來越投入其中,將我們覺得非常有趣的一些東西放在一起… 希望大家可以與我們一起分享它,也請與您的朋友和家人分享! 謝謝大家!!!!

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